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New Profile Posts

  1. Aramok
    Aramok NeoCHI
    Hey Aramok Gm:thekorrupted a laid back guild since the beginning.
    I can make guides for 5 of all the warriors and can make a philop guide as well.
  2. I-like-selene
    Selene ❤❤❤❤❤
  3. Kiasaru
    recently started university so i will be very inactive. but i recently bought. BOUGHT. Bernheim and i love him. will write a guide soon.
  4. Hyde1444
    Addicted to King's Raid in every way imaginable.
    1. I-like-selene likes this.
    2. I-like-selene
      King's raid is love <3
      May 1, 2019
  5. Exkaliber
    Exkaliber NeoCHI
    Hi guys im new on this forum. Would love to contribute and learn at the same time. Been playing KR for a while.
  6. OptimisticPessimist
    I AM BACK, PEOPLE and woot have we been hacked or what?
  7. Keough
    Everything must be purified by flames
  8. Keough
    Everything must be purified by the flames !
  9. G.G
  10. Makabeus
    Nuthin'to see here... >.>
  11. Kiasaru
    I'm busy with my part-time job so i am severely inactive on making guides :( just uploaded a guide for Lucias. will make one for Esker soon.
  12. Kiasaru
    BOUGHT ESKER AND AHHHHHHHH i love his design. new husband HAHAHA Crow is still my number 1 <3
  13. Feras
    I never thought I'd login here again. Sup people xD
  14. Drazruin
    I wont understand why this spamkid's still try to fill this forum with trash gonna delete it anyways lol :D
  15. karlrobert
    karlrobert NeoCHI
    Pls fix the game crash and this laggy game :(
    1. Drazruin
      Do you really think someone of us can change something buddy this is most likely a fanmadeforum and i dont think anyone of us works for the game delevopers ^^
      Dec 16, 2018
  16. karlrobert
  17. illegalli
  18. Eddy Zorn
    Eddy Zorn
    Started making Youtube guide's and video's on King's Raid not so long ago. Feel free to check them out!
    1. Feras and Billyx like this.
    2. Feras
      That's so great! Some people are lazy to read one paragraph and some don't understand English very well, so making guides on YouTube would be great. Best of the luck my friend!
      Dec 3, 2018
      Eddy Zorn likes this.
  19. Feras
  20. Kohaku
    I am a new player but I am not going to lose to all of the players that have played king's raid
    1. Feras likes this.
    2. Feras
      Best of the luck, Kohaku! \^o^/ Do your best and enjoy playing as much as you could
      Dec 1, 2018