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Apr 6, 2020
Apr 28, 2017
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Staff Member

Start a conversation with me if you'd like to help keep the forum clean from spam and moderate Oct 2, 2018

NeoCHI was last seen:
Apr 6, 2020
    1. Matt Kroft
      Matt Kroft
      You lookin' for people to grow this? How can I help? If I can just tell me
    2. Lightscythe
      I am here to ask a few kinds of stuff.
      So is Dev team still around? Does Request Feature still work? and does Devs read it?
      What kind of Mod you are looking for?
      Is Community still Alive?
    3. Akatsukipro
      Hi everyone.. Sorry i need ur help.. I cant login to king's raid.. It there written ready asset bundle.. What's meaning..?
    4. Aramok
      Hey Aramok Gm:thekorrupted a laid back guild since the beginning.
      I can make guides for 5 of all the warriors and can make a philop guide as well.
    5. Exkaliber
      Hi guys im new on this forum. Would love to contribute and learn at the same time. Been playing KR for a while.
    6. karlrobert
      Pls fix the game crash and this laggy game :(
      1. Drazruin
        Do you really think someone of us can change something buddy this is most likely a fanmadeforum and i dont think anyone of us works for the game delevopers ^^
        Dec 16, 2018
    7. karlrobert
    8. NeoCHI
      Start a conversation with me if you'd like to help keep the forum clean from spam and moderate
      1. Feras likes this.
    9. Kiasaru
      im not sure which admin to report this to but there's like 8 pages of spam from the same person on the forums.... 8 pages of spam threads.. yikes
      1. XiongZi
        Hello, I'm a mod. I'll delete it ASAP and I'll notiy the admin about suggestions. Thanks for reporting!
        Sep 19, 2018
        Kiasaru likes this.
    10. XtremeTorug
      Hi!, i need some help.
      I cant see the buffs icons in combat, u know why is happening?
      I mean, the transcendence passives are not showing on my buff icons on top of my characters, only the active buffs (like kalluah raid buff, or Roi's S2)
      1. Aramok
        Yeah since a vespa update a year ago give or take somethings are not as displayable as they used to be...but they are accounted for by the system....this is normal. They condensed alot of the passives to make room it seems.
        May 16, 2019
    11. mcarltzu
      Feedback: The current party play mode cant make you play on stages you havent cleared yet. Is that how it really works? Im guessing it should be "Your friends can now help you clear stages that you can hardly clear" *redundancy* :D
      1. View previous comments...
      2. mcarltzu
        Ohh sorry. Im gonna report this matter to the official forum then :)
        May 9, 2018
        architect likes this.
      3. XiongZi
        What architect said but I think party play is working as intended. You SHOULD be able to clear story mode on your own otherwise the game would just consist of the strong carrying the weak which could practically allow new players to jump to lvl 80 on their first day playing.
        May 12, 2018
        architect and mcarltzu like this.
      4. mcarltzu
        Ohh I see
        May 14, 2018
    12. Ccs
      wanna ask, is dragon raid mission reset daily or weekly?
      1. Aramok
        Theres a daily mission for 10k dragon coins and a weekly mission(for 50k dragon coins if my memory serves me correctly) but 100% certain theres a daily mission and a weekly mission for dragon coins.
        May 16, 2019
    13. BlazeBrukov
      Ughh, I can’t transfer servers either, BECAUSE I FREAKIN NEED 80 RUNES! I have to pay money to play with my friend?!? How rigged
      1. TheGreatWall
        Mar 11, 2018
    14. BlazeBrukov
      Why is that happening?
    15. BlazeBrukov
      I have a complaint to say, I was playing and so was my brother, we tried to meet up but never saw each other. We are on the some platform, iOS, and still can’t see. Is there different servers or something? I also tried to friend him with his user, the game said it was sent, but my brother never received a friend request, wondering is something wrong
    16. BlazeBrukov
    17. nlhnb981219
      I can't say anything
    18. Ken Rhino
      Ken Rhino
      I just play King's Raid today , i have 4 basic hero, 2 T1 ticket hero, 1 Uw choice, Theo Uw, next some days ill get 5star ticket hero,3star ticket hero, Clause, 1 Uw random
      What should i choose for these ticket(i don't have Theo)?
      Sorry about my Eng grammar! Thank you!
    19. marvoa
      Hello! I've heard your looking for experienced Raiders?
      I have 2 accounts, active everyday for a long time, if you still are looking for people, let me know how i can help!
    20. Syrix
      Hi NeoCHI, I've read you are the person to contact if you want to do a guide for a King's raid hero.
      Of the ones that are not done yet i could do epis, arch and luna.
      Also is there a page that shows you how to do spoilers and such ?
      1. Darksider
        You should have just posted this on the heroes checklist as a mod like myself could have allowed you to do a guide. Also Epis was already taken so other than Epis who would you wanna do the most?

        No but if you wanna know how, all you do is click on the spoiler thingy in the plus. Then you add in a title after you press ok, whatever you wanted to add into the spoiler tab you add in between the two [/Spoiler] tabs
        Feb 6, 2018
      2. Syrix
        In this case i'd rather do arch since i am using him more.
        ty for your help with the spoilers.
        Feb 7, 2018
      3. Darksider
        Kk I’ll assign him then and np
        Feb 7, 2018
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