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Comprehensive guide on Team Building for Newcomers [Tips, Tricks, misc info included!]

Discussion in 'Guides & Hero Builds' started by Dualvis, Sep 25, 2017.

  1. Dualvis

    Dualvis New Member

    Likes Received:
    Sep 21, 2017
    This guide is entirely solely created based off on my own experiences in this game. There MAY BE a lack of informations for certain heroes as i didn't get a chance to experience them 1st hand or with a friend. And i do not worship Assassins.

    The Objective of this guide is to help newcomers on how to build a solid team enough to push them through towards "End game" contents ASAP, so that they are able to reap better rewards and have an easier time at the more grinder parts of this game; Evolving new heroes to expand yr team build options/fetish collections/cults/etc etc you name it.

    Before we get started, there are a few things to take note.

    [When i mention "End game". It does not mean the latest content. "End game" for newcomers in my context, is where you have reached the "line" where you will be gaining/farming rewards equivalent to that of what current Veterans are obtaining at the moment.]

    Lets start the guide right off with a good mentality to keep in mind!!!

    "Preference > 3*UW > Good Team build > Hero's Meta > UW > UW reliant heroes"

    a. Preferences
    Yes. I know most of you here when you take a glance at all these heroes before you, You have already have an idea on what heroes you want to get cos of your "fetishs" and what not. And then you would suddenly pause with the realization "IS THIS HERO REALLY GOOD FOR ME UP TILL THE END OF THIS GAME?!!!" but then.... whether this hero is the meta or not in the team. You will somehow just worked on them out of the blue because its your official waifu/husbando. (I have a problem with traps and husbando. I brought down Mitra's $120 new hero package out of impulse before everyone starts calling him Shitra AND I DUN REGRET IT ONE BIT!!!)

    b. 3* UW
    If you have already own one at the start of this game, you can stop right here and skip this whole guide. Since 3* UWs are just so strong, You can run a shyt hero team and faceroll on the whole content naked and still come out alright.

    c. Good Team build
    In King's Raid, there is no "best" hero. Every hero in this game are good and bad in certain fields. Even if there is a "best hero", its still shit in the game as long as you have a bad team compilation. (Unless u have a 3* UW right off the bat... Why are you still reading this guide?!!)
    A good startup team is the fastest way to reach "end game" asap. So that you can enjoy an easier time in expanding your build options and waifus/husbandos/traps/lolis club.

    d. Hero's meta

    Don't pick a hero just because the meta says so. Because not all meta heroes will suit to your eventual favorite content. but if you know this meta hero fits in well with your team and your preference. WHY WOULD YOU WANT TO PASS THAT UP?!

    e. UW (Unique Weapon)

    The best equip you could possibly have in the game. But its not a necessary need for most heroes as they do not need end tier gear to be able to do their job, in nuking, tanking, cc or heals. They are just a buff to what your heroes are already capable of doing. If you happen to obtain a Unique weapon but not one that is part of your team. Do not jump to conclusion that you HAVE to change them out, if they are not compatible to your team, then putting them in your team is shaming that hero's UW and their capabilities.
    Then again, you will eventually get your team's hero UW one way or the other regardless as time goes on while u are playing this game. SO MIGHT AS WELL GET A GOOD TEAM READY TO EQUIP THOSE UWs!

    f. UW Reliant Heroes
    As i have said that you don't need UWs to be able to use those heroes to be able to do their jobs right. But there are just some heroes which sadly, needs their unique weapon to be able to put them on par with the other heroes in terms of their Utility and Damage. Without their UWs, these heroes may give you a hard time to push pass through contents till you have obtain it. Its not a taboo to get them, its just not so... advisable.
    Listed UW reliant heroes: Cleo, Reina, Lewisia (abit), Selene

    Heroes to avoid
    - Newbie Unfriendly hero
    Most heroes are great as starters but some heroes are just not that suited for beginners and are more advantages towards players/veterans who have already gone past "End Game".

    *Note: Just because they are listed out does not mean they are unusable. They are just heroes that are more ideal towards "End game" contents.


    Yes. You hear his hate everywhere (because of that $120 starter package. Mitra is the 1st new hero to have such a promotional package. So you can imagine how many ppl brought it down since the whole package screams of "convenient T2!!" only to realize that he isnt worth the $120 at all ahahaaha) and he haunts you in your dreams the day you got his UW.....because when the moon is full, his uselessness howls through the night endlessly....!! But thats not what he is!!!
    Mitra's skill kit is build for long battles such as world bosses and guild raids. He isn't PvP friendly. And his huge dmg attributes to the amount of stacks on an enemy.
    He is also quite a selfish hero, which needs to have a team build around him to bring him to his full potential. So he is a more desirable hero to pick for your team when you have the resource to raise a team just for him.

    The same situation as Mitra, just not in a really bad position as compared to Mitra. The M.dmg version of Mitra. And maybe a teeny bit reliant on her UW since her blood stacks does take a rather long time to reach the limit, having her UW helps out speed up the blood stack count. A very Auto unfriendly hero, needs constant attention. But easier to mix around in the team since there are more variety for M.dps heroes over P.dps heroes sadly...

    Niche as she may seem on first glance and when you first try on her skills. She is the semi-complicated support mechanic healer that everyone thinks is a viable option to replace your healers. That, is actually very true. But at the same time its not towards a newly startup team. Due to her long CD heals, and the need for proper gears to make her a sufficient hero. (when i mention proper gears i mean the additional stats on gears) She only becomes a viable option as a healer replacement only when your three other heroes are self sustainable without the constant need for a healer. This usually happens when you have reached "End Game" and are farming your gears to 5* rarity for all your heroes with the best additional stats options.

    Yanne (This hero has not been properly evaluated by me till when i work on her)

    A situational hero that excels in dragon raids. However outside of dragon raids, she is quite mediocre in the PvP Arena. But she is still able to clear normal quests regardless just like Mitra. She is a good hero for consideration to add into the addition for Raids, when your team is ready to be further expanded, otherwise its advisable to avoid her during early stages of gameplay.

    Oddy (This hero has not been properly evaluated by me till when i have him)
    The clock maker that has similar attributes to Annette but doesn't heal, instead gives supports to the team by reducing the cooldown of other hero's skills for faster recasting. *Imo (since i have yet brought oddy down so this is all speculations on my part) he is more of a hero that's easy to fit into a team of more than 4. So he is more niche in big battles that requires more than just 4 heroes, like World bosses, Dragon raids, [Hard] Dragon raids. (cos i was wrecking my brain on who to replace out to put oddy in but it seems like he would always work better when he is counted in as your 5th hero in yr team) Therefore, i have deem Oddy to be a hero that isn't newbie friendly....*


    With that out of the way, i have grouped all the hero's into 5 different groups. For a easier grasp of all the heroes laid out before you.

    -DPS heroes
    The heroes that dish out the most damage in the team, tide turners or MVPs of the team.
    Disadvantage: They lack heavily on CC skills in their skill kit.
    Listed DPS heroes: Selene, Epis, Roi, Reina, Luna, Aisha, Rodina, Lewisia, Mitra, Cleo, Yanne

    -CC heroes
    Heroes that does "Crowd Control". Most of their skills interrupts a wide area of enemies or bosses in their skill casting. Preventing devastating attacks or plausible team wipes from the enemy.
    Disadvantage: They "may" not deal as much damage as compared to DPS heroes or half CC half DPS heroes.
    Listed CC heroes: Larak, Maria, Dimael, Lorraine, Miruru

    -Half DPS half CC heroes
    These heros have the damage like a DPS hero. And their kit sets gives them a moderate amount of CC skills. However, the difference between CC heroes is that their CC skills do not target all enemies, and certain CC in their kit will only activate when certain conditions has been met. So they may sometimes not be so Auto friendly.
    Listed Half DPS Half CC heroes: Tanya, Arch, Fluss, Pavel, Nyx, Oddy

    *Pavel is considered in my books as a half dps half cc hero mainly because despite his freeze skill does CC and at a wide area and to all mobs. His Freeze CC skill only "pause" the enemies's skill casting, and does not "interrupt". Therefore, once his Freeze status ailment has worn off, the enemy will just resume where they left off. So his freeze skills will need another CC skill to follow it up.*

    -MT aka Main Tanks (Defenders or Warriors)
    Warriors are half tanks that have skill kits that make them very easy to mix in any type of team combinations as a MT. The disadvantage would be that they are a "half tank" so without proper equips, they may be unable to handle that role well.
    Defenders on the other hand, are able to play that role well with or without proper equips, however, they are quite situational based. Since their skill kit have buffs and debuffs that caters to specific damage type of heroes. But they can be mix into any team without much worries, the only problem you will face is that you are unable to bring your team and your knight's full potential out. as some heroes in your team does not get those buffs so you aren't maximizing your knight's skills.

    Universal MTs
    Tanks that has buffs that gives benefits to the whole team regardless of the team build or dmg type.
    Listed Universal tank heroes: Ricardo, Demia, Morrah, Kasel, Gau, Naila, Priscilla

    Situational MTs
    As i have said, any tank is able to take up the role of MT. Its just that these tanks skill kit set buffs are very specific making them a good choice when your team are fully catered to the either Magic Damage or Physical Damage.
    M.dmg buffs/M.def debuffs MT: Jane, Viska
    P.dmg buffs/P.def debuffs MT: Clause, Phillop

    All healers are good in their own respective roles. There is no "Best" healer in this game. All healers are good and bad in respective parts of this game's contents. And at the start for some healers they may feel abit lacking in the heals section. But their flaws can be fixed once they have reached T2 - T5.
    The only Healer i advise against choosing would be Leo, Since his Kit set is catered more towards P.dmgers. If your whole team doesn't have any P.dmgers, Leo's 1st skill is as good as non-existent.
    Listed healers: Rephy, Leo, Baudoin, Laias, Frey, Kaulah, Cassandra(upcoming), Annette

    *Note: This heroes list here are just a list, i am not going into details for them all, as who you like best or the skills you prefer better in your team is all on you and your choices, which is not for me to decide. But if you are curious and wish to know more of these heroes individually, i suggest checking out "Kings Raid Wiki" or Reddit, or just the guide forum here's detailed breakdown of all individual heroes*
    Team build compilation
    This is sort of the most generic formula i could think of for starters. Its devised with one objective in mind: Forming a team that will carry you through to "End Game" asap. This Formula may and may not work if you have plans on building a PvP/PvE focus team at the start. So you do not have to follow this set of formula once have passed "End game".

    Listed Formulas

    MT + Healer + DPS + CC
    The most balance team build. With sustainable CC and DMG to push through contents toward "End Game".

    MT + Healer + Half DPS half CC + DPS
    This team build has lesser CC in exchange for more Damaging power. The reasoning for this team compliation would be based on the saying "The best defense is good offense". Having more damage helps you plow through timer dungeon stages.

    MT + Healer + Half DPS Half CC + CC
    Lots of CC but lesser damage output. The team compliation i am using atm... It has more sustainability due to all the continuous CC u can inflict on bosses till no end. But "may" struggle abit due to low damage. This is based on the saying "Perseverance is the key to success". But its possible to clear to end game. Its tried by yrs truly.

    MT + Healer + Half DPS Half CC x2
    A balance team just like the 1st formula. In a way its able to do dmg, and CC but only during situational times. Making this team quite an Auto unfriendly team as well....

    How do i get started?
    With all the knowledge you have at the moment, the steps you can take to start choosing your heroes and creating a team thats just for you and will take care of you till you have reach "End game" contents.

    1. Choose a favorite hero (If you do not have a favorite skip to "step 2")
      • For starters, Look through the list of heroes available and see which hero catches your eyes the most in terms of looks, skills, bod, etc etc for you. [You can try out those hero's skills when u click on them in Special Shop > Hero info > Skill Info]
        Do not be dishearten if your top picks happens to be in the "Heros to avoid for starters" list, they can always be put into your "future heroes to get" List. When they happen to appear in your Hero's inn after you have build your team or you have raise another 6k/4k rubies to get them.
    2. Choose your desired team build formula
      • Based on the 4 formulas i have created, choose one to your liking
    3. Choose the remaining few heroes you have in mind to put into your team
      • You can start choosing all the other heroes that based on the listed category, and following the mentality which i have mention at the start of the game. [Preference > 3*UW > Good Team build > Hero's Meta > UW > UW reliant heroes] So if you have that hero's UW, take that hero. Or if you are stuck with certain two heros in the list since someone told you these two are OP but you just cant put two of them into the team. Then it will be based on your preference. Or if you happen to have two UW of different heroes but in the same category, then it will ALSO come down to your preference too.
      • *A fair warning* Make sure the heroes you have chosen, are able to clear their own respective stockade classes for the sake of Skill books to upgrade your hero skill! (Especially stockade that is immune to p.dmg or immune to M.dmg)
      • If you are still unsure who is a better pick, you can always check out King's raid Wiki or King's raid forum guide for individual heroes or Reddit's guide section (the links are written and available in King's Raid Wiki) so you have a better idea where this hero will be taking you and hopefully a easier time in choosing too.
    4. Know how many heroes you are able to obtain with your current resources
      • For starters that missed out the pre-register reward for the Chapter 7 patch of King's raid, The normal amount of heroes obtainable is a total of 4 heroes. [From 2*or 3* hero ticket or special shop 6k/4k hero or Hero's Inn]
      • For pre-register players, its 5 heroes obtainable. [From 2* or 3* or 5* hero ticket or special shop 6k/4k hero or Hero's Inn]
      • [5* hero ticket does not have heroes after Nyx and Annette]
    5. Plan out your Hero acquisition
      • After knowing how many heroes you can obtain and what heroes you will need to put into your team. You will have to see how you plan on obtaining them. If possible, try to see if you can get the hero in the Hero's inn. If you are able to obtain them there, you can reduce the need to waste away your 2* or 3* or 5* hero tickets or save up your 6k/4k rubies for other purposes.
    Questions Frequently Asked
    Q1. I have chosen which heroes i want to get. And it seems like i won't be needing to use the 2*/3*/5* ticket. What do i do with the tickets?
    Ans: Keep the tickets, as an "In case" should the need to get "certain" hero arises due to certain conditional contents. Eg. Stockade, Tower of Challenge, World bosses, etc.
    Q2. Your guide came out late!! I feel like i may have picked really bad heroes for my team. What should i do?
    Ans: Usually for such scenarios, it's best to try and salvage the situation, either getting them from special shop with Rubies or hero's inn. Most of the time, the issues would be, either the team is lacking in DPS or CC section. So the situation isn't too grave that you need to reroll....
    Unless you are telling me that your team is running 3 tanks and 1 healer.... Then MAYBE you need a reroll lololololol.

    Q3. So i didn't have a favorite and i have chosen a formula. But which hero should i first prioritize in getting first?
    Ans: I suggest, getting the DPS hero or half DPS half CC hero(es) first. And then the rest of the other types of heroes in any sequence. Since DPS is in my context helps to make farming and pushing thru contents alot easier, while you are waiting for the rest of your main heroes to come out of the inn or waiting for that 6000 rubies arrive to get that hero.

    Q4. Why no mention of P.dmg, M.dmg, Mix team?
    Ans: I won't go deeper into which damage type team you should specifically go into as i believe any damage type of team is able to push you to "End Game". So as to not discriminate some of the hero's in here. Afterall, this guide is only to tell you how to choose which hero to add into your team. Not to tell you what is the best and you should totally go for it. Otherwise, this guide might as well be cut short to just 4 heroes name.

    Q5. What and where is this "End Game" suppose to be stopped at?
    Ans: "End Game" is at the start of Chapter 6. Just being able to farm 1 stage of Chapter 6 is enough to warrant that.

    So where is my standing at the moment?

    I feel that this might be something all the newcomers would maybeeee want to know since it lets them know the gap between them VS the veterans in this game.

    As of 25th August Patch, We are right now in Season 2 of King's Raid. (The devs did subtly mention this in a really really old patch note but they didn't officially said "Season 2" when it was patched despite all the "Pre-register" and giveaway events happening all of a sudden.) Adding the new Chapter 7 map; increased lvl cap to 80; Hero transcendence expansion from T3 -T5 being released.
    The gap between newcomers and veterans may have expanded, but the "End Game" point has not yet truly shifted and still sits at Chapter 6 despite all the changes and features that has been added into this game.
    Therefore, Newcomers still stand a chance with catching up to the veterans in this game.

    How do you know that chapter 6 is the "End Game"?
    With the comparison between Chapter 6 hell mode and 7. There is no significant difference in the loot drop rates, EXP and Gold too. (Unless you are comparing with Chapter 7 hard mode... but that's a different story for another time) Hell mode may sound extremely difficult to complete, however with the level cap changed to lvl60 - lvl80 at T1 (before the patch, you are required to T1 your heroes to unlock lvl60 to lvl65 cap and T2 to unlock lvl65 - lvl70 cap) With the right gear and sufficient level, Just a team of T1 heroes is able to clear hell mode on auto. And just that 1 stage is all you need to gain full access to the same rewards veterans are getting at Chapter 7 or Chapter 7 hard stages.

    What is in it for me at Chapter 6?
    At Chapter 6, Just the 1st stage on easy mode, nets you x2 more EXP than Chapter 5's last boss battle. You will also be able to obtain 2 frags of a different kind, which is way more generous in comparison to Chapter 5 and below stages which only drops 1 fragment.
    Chapter 6 is also way easier to clear as compared to chapter 5's initial startup too.
    Upon clearing Hard mode last boss in chapter 6, you will unlock Hell mode, which nets you, a Essence drop chance (which equals to 10 normal frags + 200,000 gold), higher chance of purple rune drop, Ancient rune codex (the crafting mat needed to craft Ancient runes), Deluxe EXP potion.

    Tips, Tricks and misc
    Now that teaming building guide is done, the rest of the contents below are just some knowledge that most of you would have either already know.. or don't know.

    Getting to Chapt 6
    -Chapter 1 -3 : Easy Clear. You can run the whole story quest and hard mode with "Just acquired" gears from stages/ or drawn from blue summons/random dragon equip set.

    -Chapter 4 : This is where the game starts to get techincal on you. And its also the chapter that needs at least some properly upgraded gears to smooth through. (Chapter 4 story Jane hits like a truck when she casts her skills. To avoid this, time your CCs right when she is about to cast any of her skills to beat her)
    [At this point: I recommend upgrading purple gears just to at least 3* rarity will do.]

    -Chapter 5 : This is where the game starts testing your patience, since this is the chapter that gives mediocre EXP and Hard mobs on easy mode. Unless you are equipped with decent gears, if not the only way to push through this chapter is to be on the same level as the mobs.
    [At this point, you can start farming for T5 dragon equips by asking stronger players to give you a hand. Either that or the long way which is slowly farming your gears rarity up to about 3 or 4*s]
    *Note: Chapter 5 mobs have temporary M. immune barriers so if your team is a full m.dmg team, you would have to wait for the barrier effect to disappear and to nuke your enemies

    -Chapter 6 : Easy map clear even when you have yet to reached lvl60 mark. (This is due to your "slight" decent gears needed in chapter 5) This is where you should start looking into proper stats options and dragon raid gears up to 4* rarity and above, so that you will be able to start clearing Hell mode quests afterwards.
    *Note: Most of the bosses in chapter 6 have high P.def. And a handful few that are also high in M.def too. There is also 1 stage where the final boss is P.dmg immune because its a ghost. However it has no relations and does not hinder or affect the story progression of this game to the last boss.

    -Chapter 7 : This map would be a fairly easy clear when your T6 gears and your level is sorta ready to tackle the enemies.
    *Note: The bosses in theses stages have base def equivalent to that of Hell mode or maybe more for both P.def and M.def. So there is no advantages to as which dmg type of hero u should bring in for the team The bosses also inflicts high P.dmg attacks and constantly inflicts status ailment constantly.

    How to earn more gold?
    -Farming in Orvel castle's royal vault [Do use your royal vault keys during hot time event]
    -Selling unwanted gears
    Do not bother saving/keeping gears that your heroes cannot even equipped. Sell them off asap or grind them (If you have enough gold then grind them. Otherwise its best to earn back the money by selling them)
    -Save your gold from wasteful enhancements!!
    • Dragon gears -> Use Dragon/Ancient/Epic (gold/red/purple)gears & enhancement crystals.
    • Ancient gears -> Use Ancient/Epic gears
    • Epic gears -> Use Epic/rare (purple/blue) gears
    • Rare gears -> Use rare/uncommon (blue/green) gears
    • Uncommon gears -> Use uncommon/common (green/silver) gears
    Anything beyond or below this threshold when upgrading those gear types. Just sell it. You will save alot of gold from reckless enchancing.

    -Do tower of Challenge (1st Clear rewards)
    Tower of challenge certain stages gives away Chest that contains tons of gold. But they are only obtainable once per month.

    -Do normal quests
    Cos they give golds too. Hell mode gives more gold apparently.

    How to obtain more fragments?
    -Loot boosters + Upper Dungeon
    This is something most starters won't know and maybe in the dark until an event happens and someone in public brings it up for like once in a millennium. Or they asked and a veteran would talk about it. (I know mine by the time i have reached 5* for all my heroes ad was wasting my loot booster on dungeons over upper dungeons...)

    Step to do to get maximum amount of frags during the 1hr loot booster duration.
    Maximum Rounds able to go within 1hr: 40 runs in total

    • Weekend 2x upper dungeon key event
    • 600 rubies
    • Loot booster
    • Able to clear any stage of the upper dungeon within 1-2mins.
    • Stable connection (pls dun DC in the middle of it rip *cries*)
    1. Get ready to use the loot booster 30mins before reset time* on Saturday** (My reset time is at 1am GMT+8, the reset time is different for other countries. Please note)
    2. Start spamming your 1st 10 free keys and recharge*** twice for another 10 keys within 30 minutes. 20 runs is the maximum limit within 30 minutes before reset time. [Note: Recharging isn't affected by the event. So you will only get 5 keys instead of 10 keys]
    3. Repeat 'Step 2' once reset time comes.
    *Reset time during the event returns you 10 keys and reset recharge rubies cost.
    **My 2x upper dungeon key event is on Saturday & Sunday GMT+8. It might be different for other countries
    ***Recharging cost multiplies the more you recharge. 1st recharge = 100 rubies, 2nd = 200 rubies, 3rd = 400 rubies, 4th = 800 rubies, 5th recharge onward = 1600 rubies (max recharge)

    Q1: What if i do this loot booster frag farming at non event times?

    Ans: The rubies cost will go up from 600 rubies used to 1400 rubies used. As you have to recharged 3 times at non-event times.
    Unless you decide to cut down the maximum runs from 40 to 30 runs.
    Q2: Must it be 30 minutes exactly from reset time?
    Ans: Yes. No matter how fast you are able to clear the upper dungeons, the real time eater isn't the clear time. But rather the loading screen. The changing to another dungeon to farm different frags. They do take up alot of that precious time in that 30 minutes play time.

    Where can i get loot boosters?
    Ans: They can only be purchased in Special shop with rubies. But every month you will get a free loot booster which is a 1st time clear reward available in the Tower of Challenge.
    -Tower of Ordeals
    Weekly reset for you to obtain fragments and Stone of infinity fragments too [Unlocks when you have awaken any hero to 5*]

    Tower of Challenge
    Certain 1st time clear rewards stages gives away alot of frags.

    How to get more EXP?
    -Normal Dungeon Grinding [During Hot Time nets you more EXP]

    -Conquest [During Hot Time nets you more EXP]
    You only have 3 tries per conquest runs, so make the most out of it by doing them only during Hot time.

    -EXP Flasks
    Feeding your heroes with EXP flasks.

    [*Newbie Alert only* Empty EXP Flasks are used to store EXP farmed from your hero's EXP obtained. Do not Equip empty flasks when your hero's level hasn't reached max. Or when they are close to getting awaken.]

    Q1: When is hot time event?
    Ans: Everyday, from 1 - 3pm & 9pm - 12midnight GMT+8 [This is my country's timezone, others may have a different timing] But the hot time may change on certain special occasions so this is fixed unless otherwise stated by Vespa.

    Extra tidbits(you prolly may or may not need to know~)

    -Monday - Defender (Continuous multiplying mobs)

    -Tuesday - Warrior (P.dmg Immune)

    -Wednesday - Assassins (M.dmg Immune)

    -Thursday - Archer (AoE damaging Enemies)

    -Friday - Mechanic (Continuous recovery mobs)

    -Saturday - Wizard (Only able to deal damage when the enemy is CCed)

    -Sunday - Priests (Enemies that does Shock attacks)

    *If you are a forgetful person and will forget everything after looking away from this screen for 5 secs. Fret not, just go to (Inventory > Growth > The skill books there, click on the respective class skill books and the description will tell you which day they will be available in stockade)

    The place where you are able to obtain your UWs for free.
    At the end of every week of the arena, your ranking will determine how much rubies reward you will be receiving. Therefore, make sure you go as high of a rank as your team can take you on the last day of the week.

    Hero's Inn
    Buy food or Thread for NPC heroes & recruit hero's into your team.
    The hero's appearance is randomized. So if it's not the hero that you like, you can always wait until reset time and hopefully get the hero you like in the inn.
    **Note: "New" Heroes do not appear in the inn. Even when the "New Hero" mark has been taken out from the special shop. It doesn't mean they will be appearing in the inn immediately. So keep an eye on the maintenance patch notes to when they are announced to be available in the hero's inn.
    As of the latest patch 22/9/17, Viska is now added into the hero's inn.

    Joining a guild gives buff benefits such as "Gold, EXP, Atk, Def Buffs".
    Guild raids, for even more rubies every time the guild is able to clear each guild boss.
    Imho, the guild shop is also the best place to clear "Supplies are important!" daily quests, to save up your gold, should May's general shop doesn't sell anything to your fancy.
    Guild raid rewards that can be brought from the guild shop once it has been defeated does not count in the daily quest.

    Orvel Castle
    Where you farm for gold.
    Also the place where you spend your World boss's points to buy artifacts or Ancient runes. (I recommend buying at least 1 artifact from the World boss first before spending all your points on Ancient runes)

    The place to enchance your gears.
    • Awaken gear: Increase the rarity of your gears. It doesn't apply to only gears. You can also awaken UWs and Artifacts.
      Higher rarity = higher base gear stats. For Artifacts, its increase the skill's power. For UWs, its increase in base weapon stats + skill's power.
    • Option Enhancement: Upgrade the power of the Additional options of your gears. Requires Gold + Magic Powder.
      Magic powder can be obtain through grinding of gears.
    • Reforge : Change out only ONE of your Additional Options in your gear.
      Every reforge cost rubies and multiplies the more you reforge. Max amount of rubies cost for reforge tries is 1600 rubies.
      Reforge tickets can be used but they are only available during events
      *note: Reforge feature is the only one that doesn't have its recharges reset after daily reset time. So if you spam past 5 times, you will be stuck with 1600 rubies for every try on that one gear only.
    • Equipment tiered Upgrade : Changing your gear's Tier to a higher tiered level. Eg. From T5 to T6.
      -Requires Magic Powder + Tiered Crystal Fragments + Gold (For Ancient Gears only)
      -Requires Magic powder + Dragon Scales + Gold (For dragon gears only)
      Upon evolving, the gear's tier increases but the enhancement and rarity goes back to Zero.
      [*note: Imho, this feature isn't worth spending time on since the mats for it are very hard to drop (the dragon scales are like a 1% UW chance drop]
      This feature is more of a "coincidentally obtained enough mats to evolve one gear to reduce the re- farming of perfect additional option stats gears again by ABIT".
      For Ancient gears, it isn't worth spending, since upon evolving T6 - T7 gears of its original tiered means you are required to do the same for all the gear fodders to T7, just so that you can awake its rarity.
      For Dragon gears its more worth it, since it reduce the need to find the same right gears stats over again. So you could find just find a perfect gear early on in-game. And push up their rarity easily unlike Ancient gears. But the drop rates for those crafting mats are so low that by the time you found 10 dragon scales to T7 your gears, you would have probably already have gotten the perfect stats gear for your hero.
    • Enchant : The new featured added after Hard mode raid was introduced. Uses Enchanted scrolls to add an extra randomized additional options into your gears. Enchanted scrolls can only be obtained through dailies or hard mode raid bossses.
      Obtainable Options
      Fire scrolls: Crit; Lifesteal; P.resist; M.def; P.block; DmG reduction upon P.block; M.dodge; Acc; CC resist
      Ice scrolls: Crit dmg; penetration; M.resist; P.def; M.block; M. block dmg reduce; P.dodge; HP; ACC debuff
      Green school: Atk; P.crit resist; M.crit resist; M.def; P.block; Dmg reduction upon Block; M.dodge; HP; Acc Debuff
      Black scrolls: Atk dps; Mana recovery taking damage; recovery; p.def; M.block; DmG reduction M.block; P.dodge; Acc; CC resist
    NPC Heroes
    Currently May is the only obtainable NPC hero as of currently. But more NPC heroes will eventually be introduced.
    NPC heroes are obtainable in their own respective shops, under "presents" at the bottom right of the game screen. The system works just like the recruitment system for Hero's inn. But with way more grind and gold, to get them. By crafting presents for NPC to increase friendship points to obtain them. The materials are obtainable by grinding gears to craft them.
    -Are the NPC heroes worth the take?
    Hard to say since there is only one NPC hero at the moment to make that judgement. But they definitely have to be good.... after all, with the amount of grind that's required to obtain them, they have to be somehow worth the time spend. But there will be more NPC heroes coming soon into the game, so unless May is one of your NPC's top pick, otherwise keep your materials for a NPC hero that you really want.

    -Where you slay an infinite amount of dragons to skin them alive and don their gears.
    -Dragons are immune to all CC effects. However they are not immune to debuffs and status ailments (Unless its Hard mode raid otherwise...)
    -All CC related skills will be attributed to the dragon's stun bar (The yellow bar that's below the dragon's HP bar) The amount depleted from the yellow bar for every CC skill you use, varies for different heroes.
    In my terms, i call them CC raid value which is based on the amount of the dragon's yellow bar he/she can deplete with each CC skill that they own in their Skill kit.

    CC skills that attributes to the depletion of the Dragon's bar are:

    • Stuns
    • Freeze
    • Push back
    • Knock down
    • Electric shock
    • Shackle
    • Blind
    • Silence
    • petrify
    Chaining CC with your heroes or with your peers heroes is very important for successful raids imo, especially when you are going for high level raids.

    And do not worry about not being able to find a party to help you do raids, joining a guild helps in getting a slot for raiding, or you can open a room and hopefully a veteran will help carry you through. (I am not one of them ahaahahh unless i feel like doing it) Or look out in the public channel for ppl looking for Leeches, which will help you be able to obtain some gears while running with them.

    There is a hard mode for raid open at the moment, but i won't do deep into those contents since my objective of giving newcomers a overview and a quick start up of this game has been achieved. So the rest of the choosing of heroes in your future teams, will really be up to your decisions.



    I hope that the things i written in here will come as insightful for some of you. And help you be able to make choices for you Teams abittttttt easier.

    If you do have any queries, you can always ask me questions in-game, i am usually OL in Channel 2 chatting sometimes. My IGN is Dualvis.

    If i know the answer to the questions i will answer, If i don't i will only give you a very brief understanding of what i know, and then direct you to the public or looking up on guides.

    Thank you to those who actually took the time to read so far into this guide haha. It's my 1st time dedicating what i know so far in this game, and compiling it into a guide. I will try my best to update this guide to it's relevance as much as possible.
  2. TheGreatWall

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    Jul 15, 2017
    Possibly one of the best thing I've read ~

    Cheers! Glad to have someone do something like this~
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  3. Coure

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    Aug 12, 2017
    FINALLY~! Someone made a guide for team building! It may be a wall of text but its a very great read, very informative. A must read for people getting started or in mid game. Pin it, would be nice :)
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  4. Reiasakura

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    Sep 7, 2017
    Thanks a lot for this guide...sometimes i see you giving advice in the game and it help me a lot
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  5. Crynelleciaz

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    Sep 2, 2017
    Very comperehensive guide!
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  6. XiongZi

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    Jul 31, 2017
    yeeboiiii this is it. Our MVP is here. Move aside Great Wall of Guides.
    I didn't mean that you're still great please do not let the wall break

    It was too long so I didn't properly read it though. :p But I think you missed two things
    1. The Reina Trap - people often get her with their 2* because she's cute. Most newbies will find themselves setting her aside after a chapter or two, sadly. For her to perform up to standard, she is UW reliant and UW has to be starred up a bit before she can prove her utility.
    I would know, I fell into the same trap.
    2. Healers - Frey, Laias and Kaulah are newbie-friendly. Bau and Leo are not - they're PVP oriented and you shouldn't be gunning for PVP when you haven't gotten your PVE down pat.
    I missed this part too.
    Is Cleo UW reliant? I got her UW and the before-and-after didn't really oomph at me. It does definitely make an impact in crowds like during RD's Phase 2 but outside of raids it's just kinda..?
    Hmm, maybe I'm doing something wrong?

    Phillop is UW reliant to tank. Phillop without UW is like a tank - a naked tank. Zilch armour.
    And, Lorraine should have her UW in order to be a successful DPS. (Though if she is used as CC her UW doesn't matter.)
    Last edited: Sep 26, 2017
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  7. TheGreatWall

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    Jul 15, 2017
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  8. Coure

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    Aug 12, 2017
    The Great Wall of Guides has been breach! XD
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  9. Kusanagi

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    Sep 18, 2017
    Fantastic guide! Personally I would add what to do with Guild raid points (from what I've read, only stamina pots are good).

    I'd also like to ask, is it a good idea to keep buying empty flasks from May's shop? Considering I have aroun 18mill money and most my heroes are maxed 5*, only 1 T1 66 Nyx, and they are eating empty flasks like crazy (farming Ch6 first boss on auto here).

    Thanks again
  10. Dualvis

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    Sep 21, 2017
    Thank you TheGreatWall for the compliment!!
    *tries to figure out how to use this forum*
  11. Dualvis

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    Sep 21, 2017
    Thank you Coure! And yea..... its a wall of text ahahahahahah. (I dunno how guide should be uh.... done.... I just wrote everything that comes into my mind;;;;;)
  12. Dualvis

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    Sep 21, 2017
    Hahahaha omg u caught me in action when i am shamelessly chatting things n then going serious out of no where :oops:
  13. Dualvis

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    Sep 21, 2017
    Thank you XiongZi. I AM NOT WORTHY!!! :eek::eek::eek::eek:

    I should put a index to make things less of a chore lelelelel.
    1. Thats the reason why I have put Reina in the list of one of the heroes that are UW reliant in order to be on par with other heroes for decent damage. But it doesn't mean that i should stop people from choosing these UW reliant heroes. I only put them there as just a fair warning that bringing these UW reliant heroes aren't bad but there will be abit of struggle having them onboard of your team.
    And usually you will start seeing the disparity of damage difference as you move up further into the game. But usually by then, people should be self sufficient enough to change out their heroes and expand from there. Its only just that they will be abit slower in catching up with the content.
    WELLL AT LEAST IT WONT LAST AS LONG AS ME. I was stuck in chapter 5 for almost 3months before moving up to chapter 6 n by then when i finally T2 all my heroes. It was alr almost time to say "Hello T3-T5!!!".

    And for cleo's case, she is good as far as i have seen with her UW on. Definately not spectacularly crazy good if you are trying to compare cleo with top dpsers that owns a kit meant for more nukes over ultility. Cleo's skill set kit just isnt oriented to make you feel that ompf. Shes different. And needs to be treated differently if you want to see her at her fullest potiential. And THIS is where i say, looking for guides specifically targetting towards Cleo is what you need if you wanna know just how tough is with/ without her UW. N what you need to give her to make her OP. AND I DUN MEAN A 3* UW!!!

    2. All healers are all good. Just cos they are only good in PvP doesnt mean they cant do their job well outside of it. As i have specifically said in this guide, some of them may feel abit flawed. But they make up for it in different ways. And eventually they will all come in full circle after you T2- T5 them. I do have friends who choose baudoin out of love for him at the start of the game n is able to survive till now no problemo~ i dunno if they struggled before. But if they can do it. So can the rest. Its only a struggle at the start. N then a smooth finishing.

    3. Phillop isnt UW dependant. Thats extremely triggering since my morrah is jisy as bad of a tanker than you can imagine when i made my first change from Jane to Morrah. And..... OH NO!! My morrah's UW doesnt have tank skill!!! So she cant even be a UW reliant hero list as well.... And her T3-T5 skill cant buff her up as well!!! I wonder why am i still maining her n auto clearing Chapter7 hard mode..... the world sure is mysterious indeed.....
    Can i strangle you bruh *gets a rope*

    Putting that aside, this all comes down to your hero's team build. And how the team will make up for that disadvantage your tank has. And this is also where ppl go to guides to have a better understanding of their faveourite chosen heroes n then finding other heroes that will compliment them.
    Phillop or morrah is a squishy tank? Then get a healer that can solve that like Frey or laias with their strong ST heals/ST bubble.

    This game isnt about just the hero's worth alone. Its a team play.

    And that tip on lorraine being OP with UW is for her own hero guide. You can mention it here. But its not the guide's main objective kinda.
  14. Dualvis

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    Sep 21, 2017
    I will take up your suggestion and add in what to buy in guild shops. Yes stamina point is the current need due to the changes being raid is now unlimited runs as compared what it was before which was chance base. So stamina becomes something that can be easily wasted in less than a day. But another item you can invest your guild points on at the start of this game would be Epic runes. Since those runes are really really hard to drop......Unless! You are in a guild that is able to clear at least easy mode on guild raid. But other wise epic rune is a good investment considering how Ancient runes may be the best. But at the same time, its super expensive to craft them (It cost 2.5million to craft just one ancient rune)

    EXP dulexe flask is a good investment if you want to speed level your heroes up fast. And its also good if you are able to get back those lost golds while at it. There is also a EXP flask guide on reddit on So kinda how much dulexe flasks you really need to reached a certain level for your heroes.
    For me, the moment i reached chapter 6, i stop buying May's dulexe EXP pots for my heroes. But that can be due to that lvl65 T2 roadblock. Which forces me to halt my progress and start farming for good T6 equips while at the same time raking in magic powder and stacking exp potions before i can move on after T2ing someone in my team.
  15. XiongZi

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    Jul 31, 2017
    I'm not even sure if you're being rude to me or just having fun..?
    I said Phillop is UW reliant not because I stared at his stats and made an assumption, I got feedback from new and veteran players that he is UW reliant. There have also people who have been saying - on this forum as well - their Phillop has trouble tanking until their UW has reached max stack.
  16. Dualvis

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    Sep 21, 2017
    Half serious and half trolling. Thats just the way i chat XiongZi. I think the reason for that is because of other heroes which everyone has lean on for so long that the sudden change is a different feeling for them all of a sudden.
    Just like how i transition from a Jane main to a Morrah main. Btw the heros for each class's their base stats are all the same actually. Its just weird that for some reason, when i made that switch over to morrah, despite having everything that was the same as before down to their last gears and on farming at the same stage. I felt that morrah is losing more health when farming on the same stage as compared to when i use Jane. I dun get it why. But that seems to be the case. And when i go raiding with my friends, My morrahs takes in more dmg compared to my friend's Jane. DESPITE being the higher level.
    It kinda got stuck into ppl's head that "Yea thats how a tank should be tanking" by using heroes that are somehow just tankier despite stats like Jane herself.

    Each hero to their own niche and flaws. You just can't compare a hero thats niche at what they are doing with what the other heroes lack in.
  17. Dualvis

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    Sep 21, 2017
    Cos if what they say is really really REALLY true. Then my morrah is as good as a failure of a knight hero. Since like. All the maps runs P.dmging monsters, World boss does P.dmg, Dragons does P.dmg and on occassions M.dmg and Arena is too.
    And Morrah is a full all out M.defensive with only m.defend buffs. N to add on her UW is a offensive skill UW which doesnt help since she is also as squishy as Phillop himself.

    So i totally debunk on those ppl's feedback. Since i can made it work. My morrah can do it. With a UW with no benefits. So all the more phillop can do it too with or without his UW.
  18. Dualvis

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    Sep 21, 2017
    I think the definition of "UW reliant" is taken the wrong way. It doesn't mean just because they aren't as capable as what the best heroes are just really good at doing, means they can only survive UNLESS you have their UW. It will end up like a comparison between Mitra vs Aisha, who is the better DPS dealer, and you cant really compare them head on head when Mitra's source of damage is through stacking the same as with Lewisia, while Aisha's damge type is burst damage. The definition of UW reliant is when the hero isn't able to compete or just be on par with other hero's in the sector of their own "niche".
  19. XiongZi

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    Jul 31, 2017
    If you want to add on from what you said you can just edit your post instead of replying to it twice, or thrice, so... yep.

    I'm not quite sure what you're trying to get at here. You just said "Morrah isn't reliant on her UW to tank well, hence Phillop isn't UW reliant either". I don't see the relation. They're two entirely separate characters. It's like - "Aisha doesn't need her UW to be a good DPS, hence Cleo isn't UW reliant either". Using that as a point, since you said Cleo is UW reliant yourself.

    I never compared Phillop to other tanks, by the way. Just putting it out there since you made it seem like I did. I just said he had trouble tanking. The people who advised me said that Phillop would lose HP really quickly until his UW hit max stacks, and from there, he had no problem tanking. Which meant he had trouble tanking before his UW hit max stacks. And thus, as multiple people have relayed that to me and called him UW reliant, I said he was UW reliant. As this is all hearsay, I don't have 100% reliability, of course, as I don't have Phillop's UW or use him often myself, but you haven't said you have any personal experiences with Phillop and are already claiming that he is not UW reliant.
    If anyone has personal before-and-after Phillop UW experiences, I'd be glad to hear it.

    ...I get that you're high-strung that I'm not agreeing with you on some things, but rest assured that I do think your guide is very helpful (if just a bit messy) for newer players. I'm just making a suggestion, though, so, calm thyself.
  20. Dualvis

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    Sep 21, 2017
    I own phillop and play him too lol and i also got his UW too. Morrah is my main team tank and Phillop is my P.dmg main team tank as well. I tried them out so i know them well. I am writing all this based on my experience. If i don't know them, i wouldn't have started this conversation and will just say "I didn't know that, its good knowledge".
    If you main morrah, you will know she is equally as bad as Phillop in losing HP really quickly.
    I am not high-strung either, if this is something i dun really know, and people tell me "hey thats not true". Thats all good! But this is something i know, and i am telling you so you don't end up listening to the wrong advises i listened to when i started out in this game.
    These things here we talk about are facts, and i am not the type of person that will lie through my teeth for that.

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