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[EN] Green Note: 16th March 2018

Discussion in 'Game Notices' started by TheGreatWall, Mar 16, 2018.

  1. TheGreatWall

    TheGreatWall Well-Known Member

    Likes Received:
    Jul 15, 2017

    Greetings, Raiders
    This is King’s Raid Dev. Team.

    It’s already mid of March.
    Cold Winter is gone, and Spring has come.

    Here comes the 1st Dev Note in March.

    [Gameplay Revamps]
    The 5th gameplay revamps will be similar to the adjustments that were made on 4th revamp.
    The main purpose of the 5th revamp is to make early game progress much faster for newbies.

    First, we are going to make adjustments on ‘Scenario Quests’ in various ways
    to make newbie’s gameplay much more effective and convenient.

    Didn’t you think there were a lot of quests to clear?
    We are going to reduce the number of quests to reduce the gameplay fatigue.
    While clearing the quests, perhaps there was a certain point where you were stuck
    for a while due to an unexpected situation
    (For instance, you must clear Ancient Royal Vault # times,
    but you cannot proceed anymore since you don’t have enough keys).
    We are going to adjust some points, so that players wouldn’t get stuck during the process.
    In addition, we are going to upgrade quest rewards along with new quest adjustments.
    Lastly, Quest UI will be revamped as well. After the revamp,
    you will be able to access to Scenario Quests much more easily.

    [Expansion of Multiplay]
    We are going to expand ‘Multiplay’. After the revamp, multiplay will be added to Chapters
    / Conquests / Upper Dungeons.
    The main purpose is to ‘Play All Together’.
    The room master will consume a certain amount of cost (Stamina, Keys)
    for the stage play, and party members will be able to gain rewards much more/less than
    the room mater based on consumed cost. (Similar to Dragon Raid)
    Of course, the room master will acquire more than basic rewards,
    and also we are considering adding Multiplay Exclusive Rewards.
    After the revamp, you can enjoy the adventure in Chapters / Conquests / Upper Dungeons
    with your friends!

    FYI! We are also planning to add Multiplay Dungeons, so you can look forward to it!

    [Gameplay Record Room]
    Have you thought about looking back to your past of gameplay?
    Well, ‘Achievement’ menu can make you see what you have achieved so far,
    but it does not make you think about your past plays in detail.
    We are going to add ‘Gameplay Record Room’.
    In Gameplay Record Room, you will be able to check a variety of game play records and
    your past game plays as well.

    [Guild Raid Opening Revamp]
    We are going to make some changes on Guild Raid opening method.
    After the revamp, the last difficulty you opened will be saved that it will prevent you from
    opening the difficulty you did not want.
    Also, due to guild level gap, some guilds are capable of opening the Guild Raid again
    but some lower level guilds are not. So, we have decided to narrow the gap for all guilds
    by revamping the opening requirements.

    [World Boss: Protianus Balance Revamp]
    A lot of raiders are complaining that Protianus is hard,
    so we have decided to lowerthe difficulty.
    As you know, Protianus has various attack patterns.
    It is well known that Protianus is way harder to defeat than Mt. Fortress.
    Currently, there is no huge difference on dealing DMG between M.DMG and P.DMG,
    just like Mt. Fortress before the patch.
    This is one of the things which makes it harder to defeat Protianus.
    We are going to make some changes on the patterns
    so that it will be easier for raiders to fight.

    [Balance Patch]
    There will be a balance patch on several heroes.
    It will be mainly for weak heroes, heroes who have too op skills,
    and heroes lack of the original concept.
    Unlike the last balance patch, there will be only a few heroes on the list.

    In addition, there will be a balance patch on League of Victory & League of Honor.
    Both leagues have the same style of battle system, except Ban/Pick process.
    However, Dev. Team wants something different.
    We want League of Victory to be battles with much faster pace, and League of Honor
    to be battles focused more on controls.
    For the revamp, we are going to add/adjust battles rules for each league.

    [New Gear: ‘Treasure’]
    A new gear named ‘Treasure’ will be introduced on the 2nd patch of March.
    The main purpose of this gear is to ‘Enhance the equipped hero’s viability’ and
    to ‘Enhance hero’s skills or abilities’. Since everyone has different ways to upgrade
    their heroes, we are going to add different Unique Treasures for each hero.
    Through the patch on 22nd March, we are going to add 2 Treasures;
    A Common Treasure which will enhance hero’s viability,
    and a Unique Treasure which will enhance hero’s 3rd skill.

    We are going to add more Treasures on further patches.

    [Special Shop Revamps]
    1+1 Ruby Packages (First purchase bonus) have become the packages that give you
    both Lua’s Token and Mileage Points at the same time after Lua’s Token
    / Mileage Point revamps.
    Along with the revamp, the first purchase bonus (1+1) will be valid only for
    the account's first purchase. However, we are going to add more '1+1 packages'
    that can be replaced with 1+1 Ruby Package.
    Lua's Token items will be revamped as well.
    Cheaper items will be added compared to Mileage Point items,
    and other items are added that can be purchased with Lua's Token only.
    In addition, along with the Unique Treasure, a Special Summon will be added.
    In this new Special Summon, you will get a chance to acquire Unique Weapons for all heroes / Class Unique Weapons for all classes / Artifacts / Unique Treasure for all heroes.
    Since you will have a chance to acquire Unique Treasure, you can look forward to it!

    [New Hero Release Plan]
    Since now we are preparing a new server release, unfortunately,
    new hero release has been postponed
    (Heroes who were introduced during the 1st Anniversary).
    We apologize for your disappointment.
    However, we are going to introduce brand new information about a new hero.
    This hero will be released with the heroes who were introduced during the 1st Anniversary.
    Do you recognize her? Yep, you are right!


    In addition, a lot of raiders were worried about the new hero’s name ‘Croitz’.
    So, we have changed the name to ‘Crow’.
    Well, it’s a good name for a cold-hearted and lonely hero.
    The name could have been problematic in the future, but we were able to change it with
    raiders’ help :D. Thank you.

    Winter is gone, and Spring has come.
    As you may all know, we are preparing to launch King’s Raid in Japan soon.
    If it wasn’t for your support and love, we wouldn’t be able to come this far.

    Again, thank you for your constant support.

    Thank you!

    Source: https://www.plug.game/kingsraid/1030449/posts?menuId=12#/posts/9713
  2. Darksider

    Darksider Well-Known Member

    Likes Received:
    Nov 14, 2017
    Multi player hmm.. seems interesting but meh I’m a lone wolf I don’t even have a guild for that matter. Though the Protianus change seems good and the treasure thing might be interesting.
  3. XiongZi

    XiongZi Moderator Staff Member

    Likes Received:
    Jul 31, 2017
    ...What's wrong with Croitz?
  4. Rizleth

    Rizleth Active Member

    Likes Received:
    Aug 31, 2017
    finally i can boost someones

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