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[GM Guide] [Beginner] I am a Newbie!!

Discussion in 'Game Notices' started by XiongZi, Mar 3, 2018.

  1. XiongZi

    XiongZi Moderator Staff Member

    Likes Received:
    Jul 31, 2017

    Greetings, Raiders!
    This is GM Orvel.

    Along with Community Revamps from today,
    [Game Guide] will be revamped to [GM Guide].

    You will be able to get more detailed information, which will be posted by GM!
    You can look forward to a lot more upcoming community revamps as well!

    So, let’s check the1st GM Guide [Beginner] I am a Newbie!

    I just logged into King’s Raid for the first time! -------------

    1. Beginning of your Journey in King’s Raid

    The first step of your journey is Game Tutorial.
    Do not forget to go through all tutorials for basic game plays!


    [TIP]: King’s Raid story is just awesome! But you can also skip the story by clicking [SKIP] button.

    2. Open other Heroes – Other Team Companions
    If you clear the first tutorial, Cleo and Roi will join your team. The first party is set!


    Warrior: Kasel / Priest: Frey / Wizard: Cleo / Assassin: Roi
    Are you ready for a new adventure?

    [TIP]: You can view and manage your heroes via [Hero] menu.
    - Equip/Unequip gears, Skill/Attribute enhancement, open slots, and overall hero views.

    3. Special Shop & Inventory Button are open now! – Get your chance to acquire more items via Item Summon!


    Special Shop and Inventory button are open?! That’s great!
    This is just a beginning!

    After opening Special Shop and Inventory, you will be able to a lot of benefits!
    - Attendance Check! Various Events! Special Shop Access!

    [TIP]: Available in Special Shop – Item Summon (5 times a day)
    Single Special Item Summon (1 time a day)

    4. Let’s use AUTO function – Auto battle mode
    When you open AUTO button, you will be able to enjoy the battle much more conveniently.


    5. Did you meet Lakrak? That means ‘Auto Equip’ is available!
    You can equip the best gears you have by [Auto Equip] button in Hero Info → Gears


    [TIP]: AUTO function is not always good. It requires different stats and skills based on which class of heroes you have!

    6. A Surprise pop-up window! – Don’t be surprised!
    Sometimes a pop up might be displayed randomly. Don’t be surprised!
    You might want to see what it is :D


    [TIP]: Purchasing items is also one of the ways to get much stronger and much faster

    7. Meeting with Hillia – The first step of Hero Growth
    In Hall of Heroes, you will be able to make your heroes much stronger.


    Fight a Hero Darkness in Room of Ordeals!
    Once you win the battle, purify the Darkness in the Room of Purification!


    You have successfully completed your 1st Hero Awakening! XD

    [TIP] The more Fragments you have, the better!

    8. Achievement Button – Missions and Targets for your journey
    King’s Raid has a variety of Achievements. Achievements are one of the most important things in RPG games!


    Now, time for you to clear those Achievements!

    [TIP]: You can also acquire some amount of rubies only by linking your account to social accounts

    9. End of Chapter.1 Scenario: The Holy Sword Aea

    As the first step of having a ‘Unique Weapon’, you will meet Kasel’s Unique Weapon named ‘The Holy Sword Aea’. Unique Weapons can be equipped with the specified heroes. Unique Weapons can make your heroes by far stronger!


    Your heroes will be much stronger with Unique Weapons! You can feel it!

    [TIP]: All Unique Weapons are really important. Even if you don’t need them, there is always a way to use them!

    10. Stage.1-20 Clear! – The tutorial is done!
    Congrats! You’ve finally finished in-game tutorials! XD


    Mission – You can check King’s Raid Daily/Weekly/Event Missions
    Upper Dungeons – Dungeons where you can obtain Fragments for hero awakening
    Portal – You can teleport to any map via Portal button.
    Friend – You can search friends for further adventures

    King’s Raid’s real adventure has begun!


    There are total 4 difficulties: Easy / Normal / Hard / Hell.
    Once you clear each difficulty with 3★, you will be able to acquire Chapter rewards as well.


    This is the Guide for [Beginners].

    If you have any questions to ask while playing the game for the first time, please do not hesitate to leave comments below :D

    Have a great day!
    May the Lua's Blessing be with you!

    Thank you!
    GM Orvel


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