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Outdated [Guide] Kaulah : How To Shaman

Discussion in 'Guides & Hero Builds' started by Argetlahm, May 7, 2017.

  1. Argetlahm

    Argetlahm Member

    Likes Received:
    Apr 30, 2017
    Hero : Kaulah, Shaman of Lightning
    Class : Priest
    Atk Type : Magical
    Base Stat : 10% crit chance, 35% acc, 50% m block chance, 25% m damage reduction/block

    Thread Contents
    • Introduction
    • Skills
    • Unique Weapon
    • Hero build and Item Option
    • Runes
    • Artifact
    • Transcend Perks
    • Hero Synergy
    • Sample Videos of Kaulah in Action!

    Kaulah is the most offensive priest in the game. He has the best offensive party buff, the most number of cc for a priest and despite his offensive nature, the highest heal per second (hps) in the game. Having him in the party will make your run much safer and faster. Kaulah is great in all game mode, adventure map, raids and arena. Yeah he is actually good in arena.

    All facts above are the advantages of Kaulah. So what is his disadvantages? First, slow mana recovery. I have used 3 MP attack/recovery runes + 30% attack speed, and his mana regen still feel slow. Second, his buff cost 4 mana, so it will be hard to use it in PvP setting without any setup. Third, Kaulah has no means to cleanse or prevent cc skill to land on his party, again, this is another weakness that make him undesirable for PvP. Fourth, he is not frey nor laias. Lets face it. Kaulah. Is. A. Male. Orc.


    3 Mana cost
    9s cd
    Attribute :
    1. +10% dmg
    2. +15% dmg
    3. +25% crit chance

    Drop 5 lightning bolt upon random enemies and inflict [ x x x ] M DMG. In addition, electrify hit enemies. When electrified enemy is hit, stun for 3 second.

    This skill doesn't need any skill up to be effective. Skill up only improve damage which is not our priority for kaulah.

    The skill shines in raid, especially phase 1 of fire dragon + black dragon, and near the end of phase 3 of fire dragon. This skill can depletes the fire dragon stagger bar from almost 100% to zero and immediately stunning it as long as there is no minions around. But since it hits randomly, its not that reliable to cc a group of enemies.

    This skill is decent in adventure map, stunning here and there, making the run a bit safer. But because of its relatively high mana cost, its usage in PvP is somewhat limited.

    Healing Rain
    2 mana cost
    8 s cd
    Attribute :
    1. +10% recovery
    2. +15% recovery
    3. While casting, reduce incoming DMG by 50% and gain immunity to status effects.

    Restore [ x x x ] hp for all allies for 5 seconds.

    This is the most powerful healing skill in the game. Only 2 mana cost and a really fast cooldown of 8 second. You can spam this skill to make sure your party always in full health.

    At 30k attack, this skill will heal around 80-100k/tick for 5 ticks. Thats a total of 400-500k hp heals to all party member over 5 second. Later you will want to max your kaulah crit rate and that heals will effectively doubles, reaching 1 million heals in 5 second.

    Once you max this skill, Kaulah will be immune to cc, so to stop him you will have to kill him. Ah almost forget, he also get this 50% damage reduction, so most of the time, he is kinda immortal on this 5 seconds. This is the skill to spam in PvP!

    In a way, this skill works like a poor man's holy sanctuary (Baudoin 3rd skill) if your party members got a good def/mdef/hp and cc resistance. Theoretically, this skill is really good for a pvp bruiser comp.

    Swift Wind
    4 mana cost
    20s cd
    Attribute :
    1. +10% atk
    2. +15% atk
    3. +25% crit rate for the duration of the skill

    For 15 sec, increase ATK by [ x x x ] and ATK Spd by 35% for all allies.


    This is Kaulah's signature move, while costing 4 mana, it will put all of your hero on steroid!
    The Damage Potential and MP Recovery will increase to OP level! In my opinion, the MP recovery increase, while not instaneous like laias' its much more potent!

    Use this buff whenever its ready, especially on raid. The dps increase is unreal! It will also speed up your adventure mode runs! This skill alone can cuts about 10-20 second compared to other priest.

    But in PvP setting, Swift Wind usage is limited since it takes forever to wait for 4 mana, Healing Rain and Thunderbolt is much more appealing to use.

    Chain Lightning
    Every 15 sec, deal [ x x x ] m.dmg upon 4 enemies and electrify them for 20 sec.

    Attribute :
    1. +10% DMG
    2. +15% DMG
    3. Upon a crit hit, hit enemies are stunned for 3 second

    This skill. I dont know what to say. This is THE SKILL to get for PvP !

    In a way it is a passive rune of silence (Leo 3rd skill) with 15 second cooldown!

    Kaulah will use this skill automatically on the start of the battle and attempt stun each enemy at 80% chance (Unique Weapon) or 90% chance (non UW). He will stuns most of your enemy heroes, making them wondering, what just happened? Why cant i press this Holy Sanctuary or Rune of Silence?! Good 3 second is enough to do a follow up attack from your cc units and finish the game early. Its definitely a game changer.

    Unique Weapon

    Bluewind Coventina
    Electrified enemies receive M.DMG (50% of attack) every 5 second, and may stun for 2 sec for a 10% chance.

    Chance to stun every 5 second, really?

    Hero Build and Item Option

    Kaulah needs lots of critical chance. Critical chance will increase your healing output and increase the stun probability of your Chain Lightning. This is really important for those who use kaulah in PvP.

    Current highest crit (without buff) that can be achieved is 80% for unique weapon user and 90% for non unique weapon user.

    UW user : Base (10%) + Gear option (40%) + Rune (15%) + Goddess Blessing (15%) = 80%
    Non UW : Base (10%) + Gear option (50%) + Rune (15%) + Goddess Blessing (15%) = 90%

    The next priority goes to attack, attack speed or cdmg. These stat will increase your mana recovery rate. Attack and cdmg will also increase your healing potential.

    You can also get tank stat to make your kaulah bulkier, it really is a personal choice. In my experience, Kaulah almost always die last in either adventure, raid or PvP, and i dont really prioritize on defense stat. I do get around 40% p. block chance though.

    For accessory, I use HP, pdef or mdef, as long as it has the correct options, its good.


    Weapon :
    +150 mana/atk
    +150 mana/atk
    +150 mana/atk

    Primary Armor :
    Any, really. You can get +30% C.DMG to increase healing output and slightly increase mana recovery rate, but its not that neccesarry. You also can get a more defensive rune tailored to your needs.

    Secondary Armor :
    +15% Crit Chance : more crit = more heals and more stuns.

    I dont have lots of artifact, but the most suited one for PvP would be Sealed Chain of Ancient God. Granting silence and removing buff for 3 sec, it really complements Kaulah's Chain Lightning.

    Transcend Perks

    Transcend 1 Perks : +30% attack, to increase healing output and mana recovery rate. Or you can take any defensive perk tailored to your needs
    Transcend 2 Perks : All Allies gain 15% crit chance.

    Hero Synergy

    Kaulah will increase 10-13k atk, 35% attack speed, and 40% (!) crit rate to the team. He can work with everyone! But there are some heroes that can covers his weakness.

    +Phillop : offensive : 50% + 10-12k flat pdef debuff, +20% dmg buff (TC2), defensive : 25% atk debuff, 25% aspd debuff
    +Clause : offensive : 30% pdef debuff, +20% dmg buff (TC2), defensive : 8-10k pdef and 30% crit resistance buff, 50% aspd debuff, 20% atk debuff
    +Jane : offensive : 20 + 25% mdmg buff
    +Morrah : offensive : 20% dmg buff (TC2), 100% recovery rate debuff; defensive : 4-6k mdef buff; 37,5% mblock rate buff

    +Maria : offensive : 20% mdef debuff, +30% mdmg buff, 50% recovery rate debuff (UW), 15% attack (TC2, mana regen if used as cc); defensive : 8-10k atk debuff, 25% crit chance debuff, aspd decrease
    +Dimael : offensive : defense penetration 15% (TC2), +30% mdmg buff
    +Lorraine : offensive : +25% mdmg buff, 10% mdef debuff (UW, i dont know if its stacks)

    +Gau : debuff cleansing, 16k attack buff
    +Naila, miruru : +20% pdmg buff through unique weapon mechanic

    +Rephy : offensive : 25% mdmg, mp recovery rate buff, defensive : debuff cleansing, debuff resistance (25% + 15% [TC2])


    Soloing Raid 60

    Arena Replay vs Baudoin and Leo

    In my opinion, while Kaulah is not the best priest for PvP, he definitely can hold his own. For PvP, kaulah is up there as one of the best priest after Baudoin and Leo. While on Raid and Adventure, he is definitely the best priest! :D

    After reading, you should get this (not so good looking) male orc ASAP!

    Thanks for reading ;)

    Special mention to @Ratten , I kinda borrowed your guide template :D
    Last edited: May 24, 2017
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  2. Argetlahm

    Argetlahm Member

    Likes Received:
    Apr 30, 2017
  3. A Can of Pecans

    A Can of Pecans Member

    Likes Received:
    Apr 30, 2017
    How coincidental you got Guardian Exian and I got Kaulah from Inn today lol.
    Argetlahm likes this.
  4. NeoCHI

    NeoCHI Administrator Staff Member

    Likes Received:
    Apr 28, 2017
  5. quangminh93

    quangminh93 New Member

    Likes Received:
    Jun 4, 2017
    Does kaulah need atkspd?
    Thanks for your guide its very helpful!
  6. Argetlahm

    Argetlahm Member

    Likes Received:
    Apr 30, 2017
    yeah, kaulah need aspd because his mana regen is still slow as hell even after the balance patch.
    An added note, burning brazier of elf will help kaulah's mana regen tremendously.

    Im glad if you liked the guide, thanks man.
  7. Dru

    Dru New Member

    Likes Received:
    Sep 4, 2017
    Nice guide! Thanks!
  8. Delran

    Delran New Member

    Likes Received:
    Aug 31, 2017
    is 4X BD set a must on him then? Or will a 2RD 2BD be better since it will also give him another 100 crit chance
  9. Marihna

    Marihna Active Member

    Likes Received:
    Aug 8, 2017
    Generally, I don't recommend a full bd set on any character. If you have decent atk spd or even a mana run on someone, they do just fine. You're really going to want that crit chance that the rd gear gives you.
  10. khuyen2402

    khuyen2402 New Member

    Likes Received:
    Oct 17, 2017
    how about T2 inner Peace for kaulah, recover 1% Hp per second?

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