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Kasel - Warrior by Definition - But Not A Warrior

Discussion in 'Hero Discussions' started by boltpride951, Jul 11, 2018.

  1. boltpride951

    boltpride951 Member

    Likes Received:
    Jan 1, 2018
    It could be me approaching this game in too much of an anime/jrpg type of game but I'd like other's opinions. In most games I'm used to warriors are strong and powerful classes. Capable of taking down the mightiest of foes. They lack the speed of other classes such as assassins, don't have as high a health pool like a typical true tank class such as a knight, but generally deal good damage on a close (but not too close) level as wizards etc. Then there's my Kasel. I'm not a beast end game player. No 5 star UW and UT. He has a 1*UW and I can't get his UT. He's my strongest ATK based character of all my heroes. 140k. His Proxy of the Gods boosts his damage to 180K. And for all of that, he barely beats out my healers in damage. Unlike Gau, he can't seem to drop any dragons by himself in raids. I have to pair him with Clause so his S1 and Clauses S1 will drop a red dragon by himself. So I'm just feeling a little frustrated that a character in which I find interesting based on his skill set is so weak. I like his s1 stun, his s2 dash, his s3 buffs, and his passive. All to which I feel any other hero can out do him. There's better stuns, better burst damage, and even though I feel on paper his s3 is OP, the actual effect of it isn't. I'm hoping, but not expecting, Vespa to make a change to this. I understand he's not true primary dps hero. He's not even a secondary dps hero. He's not a tank. He needs help with CC's to be effective (not talking about trash mobs). He's a warrior by definition...But not a warrior.
  2. Nanyu

    Nanyu Active Member

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    Feb 12, 2018
    Most Warriors are like that. Only Theo is really someone who can do a substantial dmg, even only due to high UW with his kit. Chase is chasing that for phys team - sorry about that =x

    All others as almost like someone who can give and take some punch, but with utility. They will not give A LOT of dmg, but can do a respectful dmg, always way behind archers, mechanics, wizz (not in this order, depends of which).

    Kasel is someone with a very clear path: insane dodge with a dive ability. His role is to draw the enemy dps and avoid the backline from being hit, while dodging a lot with his own buff. Is exactly as you say, everything else, someone else will do it better, even these dive/dodge stuff (Naila). The only point is that he can offer a lot more to his own dodge.

    Not by case, Kasel is a meme in KR. Someone who should be AWESOME, but it's just... meh. With a proper team and gear, he can be respectful! But again: someone with the same investment will give you a lot more, imo.
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