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[Patch Note] 11th Jan 2018

Discussion in 'Game Notices' started by XiongZi, Jan 11, 2018.

  1. XiongZi

    XiongZi Moderator Staff Member

    Likes Received:
    Jul 31, 2017

    Greetings, Raiders
    This is GM Orvel.

    Here comes the Patch Note for 11th Jan Update!
    Please refer to the details below.

    [Update Details] ------------------------------

    ■ 8 World Costumes will be added

    - To celebrate New Year, World Costumes will be added.
    - +3% EXP with a costume.


    :: Epis
    :: Priscilla
    :: Jane
    : Fluss


    :: Mitra
    :: Morrah
    :: Frey
    :: Leo

    [Arena – League of Honor Updates]

    ■ League of Honor Regular Pre- season will be launched
    - Early Access Season will come to an end. Pre- season will begin.
    :: League of Honor will be having seasons. It will begin with Pre- season first.
    - League of Honor Point Reward will be added: ‘Medal of Honor’
    :: Participation reward, Victory reward, Consecutive win reward (5 Consecutive wins)


    * If you win more than 5 times consecutively, you will get ‘5 Consecutive win reward’.
    * Please be aware that if you quit during the battle, you won’t be able to get Medal of Honor.
    ** Once you cancel the battle, it will be recorded as ‘Lost’.

    - League of Honor Shop will be opened.
    :: You can collect ‘Medal of Honor’ and use them to purchase various products.
    Purchase record will be reset on Monday midnight.


    * League of Honor Shop List can be changed on every season.

    – League of Honor UI will be revamped


    - League of Honor requirements will be changed
    :: You will be able to join the League of Honor upon having 12 heroes.
    - League of Honor Achievements will be added.
    :: Once you clear the Achievements, you will be able to acquire ‘Unique Fragments’.
    - Ban/Pick limited time penalty will be added.
    :: If you fail to choose a hero within the limited time during Ban & Pick,
    you will get only half of the time on your next turn. (Max time limit penalty: 5 sec)

    * ‘League of Victory Spectator Mode’ has been postponed due to the unexpected issue.
    We will try to fix it as soon as possible.

    [Special Events]

    ■ New Year’s Fireworks Event
    - To celebrate New Year, there will be Fireworks Event in Orvelia.
    - Clear the event to acquire Fire Spark Materials. Then, Set off the Fire Sparks!
    - Please follow the link below to see more detailed information about the event.


    [Content Revamps]

    ■ Stockade UI & Skill Book Use Revamps


    - Once you enter the Stockade, you will be able to check Skill Book Info that
    you can acquire for each day.


    - ‘Use’ button will be added to ‘Skill Book’ in the Inventory.


    - Upon using ‘Skill Book’, the eligible heroes will be listed.
    :: If you don’t have enough Skill Books, you will be teleported to the Stockade,
    where you can acquire the Skill Books.

    [Revamps & Adjustments]

    ■ Room of Purification Gold Adjustment
    - The number of ‘Purification’ will be reduced for Awakening & Transcendence.
    :: You will need more Gold for ‘every single ‘Purification’, but the total cost of Gold
    will be reduced.

    ■ Game Story Tutorial Revamp
    - Tutorial stages will be revamped at the beginning of the game.

    ■ Challenge Raid Invite Message Revamp
    - When receiving the invite, you will be able to check the difficulty.

    ■ Sell All’ & ‘Grind All’ UI Revamps
    - It will be easier to set Gear Tiers when Grinding/Selling them all.


    * When you select a Tier, all lower level tiers will be applied.
    Ex) Once you choose ‘Below T6’, it will be applied from T1 to T6.

    ■ ‘Hero Darkness’ images will be revamped for Old Heroes.
    - Hero Darkness: An item which you acquire after clearing ‘Room of Ordeals’ for Awakening.


    :: Frey, Cleo, Gau, Maria, Miruru, Lorraine, Rephy, Reina, Morrah, Naila, Lodina, Baudouin
    * Listed images are 5 Star Heroes.

    ■ Raid Boss Info Display Revamp during the raid
    - ‘Phase’ sentence has been removed, which was displayed differently from current Phase
    in Raids.

    ■ World Boss:: Mt. Fortress Balance Revamp
    - Mt. Fortress will be receiving more M.DMG.
    - Defense Mode skill cooldown will be reduced

    [Bug Fixes]

    ■ Fixed a bug where you couldn’t invite friends to the Raids
    - Fixed a bug where you couldn’t invite friends to the Raids. (Dragon Raid / Challenge Raid)

    ■ Fixed a bug where Party EXP was being shared with heroes who were equipped with a \
    Cursed Ruby Flask
    - Party EXP will not be shared with a hero who is equipped with a Cursed Ruby Flask

    ■ Fixed a bug where hero’s Auto- attack & Transcendence Perks were not working
    - Fixed a bug where Mirriane’s auto- attack & T5 [Dark] Perk were not working when
    ATK Spd reached a certain point.

    - Mirriane’s T5 [Dark] Perk description will be changed.

    Before: Upon using ‘Assassination’, dispels target’s positive effects and stuns them for 5 sec.

    Changed: Upon using 'Assassination' to the enemy under 'Target Lock On',
    dispels positive effects and stuns the enemy for 5 sec.

    ■ Fixed a bug where ‘Upper %’ was displayed differently in League of Victory
    - The method of ‘Upper %’ calculation is changed. From now on, your ‘Upper %’
    will be displayed normally within your tiers.

    ■ Fixed a bug where another player’s Hero Stats were displayed differently
    - A bug has been fixed where another player’s Hero Stats were displayed differently upon
    checking them.

    ■ Fixed a bug where Guild Raid Clear Reward pop- up window was displayed abnormally
    - Fixed a bug where a reward pop- up window was displayed abnormally after clearing
    Guild Raid.

    ■ Fixed a bug where you couldn’t acquire crafted event items when the event is over
    - Fixed a bug where the event item was stuck in the craft slot when the event is over while
    crafting it.
    - ‘Reimburse’ button has been added. You can get a refund on spent Gold.
    (Event Materials will be deleted)


    ■ Starter Package 1 & 2 Purchase Reset
    - Details: Purchase record will be reset for both packages after maintenance on
    Thurs, 11th Jan 2018

    ■ World Costume Discount Event
    - Period: Thurs, 11th Jan after maintenance – Wed, 17th Jan 23:59:59
    - Details: 30% discount on 8 World Costumes

    ■ Lua’s Special Bonus Gift Event
    - Period: Sat, 13th Jan 00:00 – Fri, 19th Jan 23:59:59
    - Details: 30% Bonus rubies upon purchasing rubies
    * 30% rubies will be sent via mail. (Excluding ‘First Purchase Bonus’ & ‘Basic Bonus’)
    * Daily Ruby & Other Packages that include rubies are not part of the event


    This is the end of the Patch Note for today.
    We hope you enjoy update content! XD

    Thank you
    GM Orvel

  2. XiongZi

    XiongZi Moderator Staff Member

    Likes Received:
    Jul 31, 2017
    I was being all sulky about Jane but this is honestly one of her best since sailor uniform Jane. Everything past that was stupidly sexualised. All the New Year costumes are really good! Except Epis' ngl. I thought Morrah was aesthetically unappealing through all her costumes but this one changes my mind. Must be the bangs.

    The UI improvements are neat too, and convenient. Great update.
  3. Elcrest

    Elcrest Moderator Staff Member

    Likes Received:
    Dec 14, 2017
    Jane looks really cute! Tempted to get this costume for her as I love hanbok.

    Morrah is awesome! It's a battle now VS her punk school uniform ;w; can't decide...

    Happy they improved ruby flasks! Overall good patch. Keep up good work Vespa<3
  4. XiongZi

    XiongZi Moderator Staff Member

    Likes Received:
    Jul 31, 2017
    Actually, while farming I noticed my lvl40 Frey receives less exp in her empty flask rather than more... I have 2 cursed flasks equipped on my grinding team, on my tank and DPS, and when I ran Hell 1-1, I got around 77k on Frey instead of the normal 1.1mil exp or so per round.

    Anyone else got this? :<
  5. Elcrest

    Elcrest Moderator Staff Member

    Likes Received:
    Dec 14, 2017
    yeah. Was quick to say that. Seems like there is a curse of lowering overall exp:\

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