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[Patch Note] 31st May 2018

Discussion in 'Game Notices' started by XiongZi, May 30, 2018.

  1. XiongZi

    XiongZi Moderator Staff Member

    Likes Received:
    Jul 31, 2017

    Greetings, Raiders
    This is GM Orvel

    Here is the Patch Note for today’s update.
    Please check more details below.

    * Please be aware that all screenshots were taken from the test server.

    [Update Details]--------------------------------------------

    [New Costumes]

    ▶ 1st Batch of Wedding Costumes
    - 1st batch of Wedding Costumes are added (8 Heroes)
    - Costume Effect: +1% [Gold], +2% EXP


    - Priscilla / Kasel / Theo / Frey


    - Epis / Sia / Crow / Aisha

    [New Hereos]

    ▶ The Vessel of Curses Shamilla


    <Hero Intro>

    A high-ranking Demon that carries 30 million types of curses inside her.
    Intrigued by the will of humans who don't submit to pain and anguish.
    Uses the Bow and Arrows of Corruption to torment enemies with many different curses.

    <Hero Background Story>

    She is a demon who was born from the first curse in the beginning of the world.
    She carries all types of curses. Amongst the curses, ‘Strong Light of Souls’ is her favorite.
    A noble soul that endures all kinds of evil in the world - Pain, Grief, and Despair
    It doesn’t matter whether the soul is swayed by the light while absorbed to the darkness,
    She is just another ‘spectator’ who is enjoying watching the process.
    Then… It’s also her who drives the story from behind the stage.
    “So, my hero. Let’s write a new chapter of the history, shall we? Ha, ha, ha…”

    <Hero Basic Info>

    Class: Archer
    * Unique Weapon: Wings of Corruption, Apoliox
    - Every 20 seconds, obtains The Vessel of Curses and increases ATK by 20% for 10 seconds.
    * Unique Treasure: The Jar of Curses
    - [Curse of Pain] Increases DMG by 20%, and turns into The Vessel of Curses mode
    when killing an enemy.

    <Hero Skill Info>

    1. Curse of Petrification
    Attacks an enemy inflicting M.DMG and also inflicts Curse of Petrification for a while.
    The enemy under the Curse of Petrification will have reduced ATK Spd,
    and this effect gets stronger as time passes.
    When the curse ends, petrifies the target for a while.

    2. Curse of Time
    Attacks an enemy inflicting M.DMG and also inflicts Curse of Time for a while,
    increasing all skill cooldown. All skill cooldowns of the enemy under the Curse of Time
    increases for a certain time.

    3. Curse of Pain
    Attacks en enemy inflicting M.DMG and also inflicts Curse of Pain for a while,
    dealing M.DMG over time.

    4. The Vessel of Curses.
    At the beginning of every battle, for few seconds, obtains The Vessel of Curses,
    creates a shield that cannot be canceled, and absorbs damage.
    For the duration of the shield, gains Immunity to CC. Upon the activation of the skill,
    consumes The Vessel of Curses to have 4 enemies as the target.

    <Transcendence Perk Info>



    <Hero Intro>

    A human-type machine Golem made by a technomagi of a long forgotten ancient civilization.
    Her body is an agglomeration of ancient technology and the epitome of technomagic.
    She's a strong weapon that can annihilate the enemy with powerful focused fire.

    <Hero Background Story>

    A human-type machine Golem made by a technomagi of a long forgotten ancient civilization.
    Found from the ancient ruins, and she was moved to the technomagic research center in Orvel.
    As a result, she was reborn by Royal Technomagi, Annette.
    Now, she is trying to learn the new world, new civilization, and the way to obey her new master.
    However, she finds a small bug from herself.
    Something a machine Golem would never dream about having one…
    ‘Emotions..’ – That machines don’t have… The mirror of Soul.

    “… Master, I will destroy everything… That gets in your way…”

    <Hero Basic Info>

    Class: Mechanic
    * Unique Weapon: 0-Form Perpetual Motion Cannon, Heaven Shatterer
    - Increases ATK by 1% every second. Can be stacked up to 30 times.
    * Unique Treasure: Ancient Power Source
    - [Release Siege Weapon] Increases DMG by 50% and decreases the target's
    M.DEF by 1% upon a Crit Hit. M.DEF Reduction Effect can be stacked up to 20 times.

    <Hero Skill Info>

    1. Anti-personnel Laser [Anti-personnel Weapon]
    Attacks the target 4 times, inflicting M.DMG, and attacks all the enemies in the end,
    inflicting M.DMG and blowing them away.

    1. Siege Laser [Siege Weapon]
    Attacks the target inflicting M.DMG. Crit DMG is applied higher.

    2. Wide-area Cannon [Anti-personnel Weapon]
    Attacks a random target and nearby enemies in range 4 times, inflicting M.DMG
    and stunning them for a while.

    2. Focused Fire [Siege Weapon]
    Attacks a random target 15 times, inflicting M.DMG, and inflicts Focused Fire for a while.
    Inflicts extra M.DMG with each stack of Focused Fire on the enemy.
    Focused Fire can be stacked up to 30 times.

    3. Release Siege Weapon
    Kara turns into [Siege Weapon] mode and attacks the enemy, inflicting M.DMG with each hit.
    When in [Siege Weapon] mode, changes [Anti-personnel Laser], [Wide-area Cannon] skills
    to [Siege Laser] and [Focused Fire] skills. When the skill is used again,
    returns to [Anti-personnel Weapon] mode.

    4. Essence of Technomagic
    When in [Anti-personnel Weapon] mode, increases all DEF and when in [Siege Weapon]
    mode, increases ATK, takes more DMG, and gains Immunity to CC. Recovers MP
    each time DMG is dealt to an enemy.

    <Transcendence Perk Info>


    ▶ TYPE. 0. Chase


    <Hero Intro>

    A test subject that has lost his past and a berserk warrior who fights wildly with his overflowing
    power in battle. A powerful weapon that destroys anything that gets in his way.

    <Hero Background Story>

    He is the first output that was made from the Evil Knight’s great plan.
    He does not remember anything about himself.
    Orvelia nobles used him as a killing machine, to take over the power from princess Scarlet.
    However, their assassination plan was failed because of 2 loyal guardians – Demia & Clause.
    During the severe battle, the mind control link was cut from the nobles and
    he was able to escape from the battlefield.
    They were scared of their secret experiment being revealed to the world. As expected,
    he was targeted by both parties.
    He had to run away and fight the enemies over and over again.
    However, one day, the Faith of Silver saved his life.
    “I will give you a name. From now on, you will be called ‘Chase’.
    Now rise and hold the sword for me”

    <Hero Basic Info>

    Class: Warrior
    * Unique Weapon: Blood Lancer Monolith
    - Increases Crit DMG by 20%. When dealing a normal attack, inflicts P.DMG equal to 50%
    of ATK with [Flame of Monolith] and recovers HP equal to 10% of DMG.
    When [Remove Limit] is active, the effect of [Flame of Monolith] is doubled.
    * Unique Treasure: Unrelenting Pauldron
    - [Burn, Spear of Fury] Reduces Mana Cost by 1 and increases DMG by 20%.

    <Hero Skill Info>

    1. I'll Break You!
    Prevents the target from receiving positive effects for 4 seconds, and attacks to inflict P.DMG
    and knocks the target back. Inflicts P.DMG after 1 second to enemies around the target
    and stuns them for a while.

    2. Remove Limit
    Upon activation, [Remove Limit] takes effects. When activated, consumes current HP
    to remove all negative effects on self and deals P.DMG to nearby enemies in range.
    [Remove Limit] While activated, consumes a certain amount of current HP every 1 seconds,
    gains Immunity to CC, increases Crit DMG and ATK Spd. HP consumption and the increase
    in Crit DMG and ATK Spd grow larger as time passes. This effect cannot be dispelled,
    and it will be deactivated automatically when HP falls below 10%.

    3. Burn, Spear of Fury
    Charges at an enemy, inflicting P.DMG and knocking it down, and explodes the ground
    around self to attack 4 times, dealing P.DMG and inflicting Stun for few seconds.
    Recovers HP equal to dealt DMG.

    4. Remember This in Hell
    Not affected by Lifesteal stats. Instead, increases Max HP, Crit, CC ACC, and ACC.
    If receiving damage that leads to death, resurrects for few seconds,
    with increased Crit DMG and increased ATK Spd.
    The resurrection effect is only activated once per battle,
    and the resurrected Chase cannot use skills.

    <Transcendence Perk Info>


    [New Substory]

    ▶ Viska Substory
    - 2nd Substory has been added: Viska


    - Substory clear Reward will be given only once.

    - Once you clear the Substory scenarios, you will be able to purchase ‘Substory Costume’


    - Substory Costume Effect: EXP +3%
    - Once you equip the Costume, basic motion and victory motion will be changed

    [Revamps & Other Adjustments]

    - Substory tips have been added to the Guide

    ▶Hero’s Inn Revamp
    - After the revamp, at least 1 unowned hero will always visit Hero’s Inn

    ▶Leader Hero Selection Revamp
    - A Filter function has been added when selecting a Leader Hero.
    - A function has been added which enables you to check Leader Hero details.


    ▶Hero / Costume Ticket Filter
    - A Filter function has been added when using Hero/Costume Ticket.


    ▶ Service Terms & Conditions Amendments
    - Vespa Service Terms & Conditions have been amended.

    [Bug Fixes]

    ▶ Hero’s Inn Mini-game Hero Graphic Error Fix
    - A graphics bug has been fixed where a part of Laias modeling was overlapping with UI

    ▶A bug fix where ‘Loot Booster’ effect was deactivated after losing a battle on Repeat
    - Fixed a bug where ‘Loot Booster’ effect was deactivated upon [Retry] after losing a battle
    on ‘Repeat’ mode.
    :: It was a bug where Loot Booster Icon was displayed but rubies were not consumed.


    This is all for today’s update details.

    We will try our best to bring more interesting content.

    Thank you
    GM Orvel.

    Elcrest and KnockOnDood like this.
  2. Elcrest

    Elcrest Active Member

    Likes Received:
    Dec 14, 2017
    Still debating which new hero to get:D Thinking on Shamilla<3 she sounds interesting!

    Waiting for second batch of costumes and hoping for Scarlet!
  3. Nanyu

    Nanyu Active Member

    Likes Received:
    Feb 12, 2018
    I'm hyped for Chase, but still waiting for more tests from who already have him.

    Chapter 8 is coming! And we're with a facebook event!

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