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[Patch Note] May 3rd Updates

Discussion in 'Game Notices' started by XiongZi, May 2, 2018.

  1. XiongZi

    XiongZi Moderator Staff Member

    Likes Received:
    Jul 31, 2017

    Greetings, Raiders
    This is GM Orvel

    Please refer to more details about today’s updates.
    * Please be aware that all screenshots were taken from the test server.

    [Update Details]-----------------------------------

    [Hero’s Inn Updates]

    ■ Hero’s Inn Update
    - Ezekiel, Ophelia, Requnia will appear at the Hero’s Inn.
    * Unique Weapons will be added soon.

    [New Content]

    ■ Royal Underground Labyrinth
    - ‘Royal Underground Labyrinth’ will be revealed at the Orvel Castle.



    - You will be able to acquire ‘Memory Fragments’ upon clearing Royal Underground Labyrinth. Collected Memory Fragments can be used to craft ‘Random Unique Treasure Ticket’.
    - Royal Underground Labyrinth can be opened after clearing 7-12 (Easy Mode). You can enter the Labyrinth through the Orvel Castle.
    - When you enter the Labyrinth for the first time, you will have to go through the Tutorial first.
    - Each of the towers has a hero class restriction. You must own a certain number of heroes for each class to enter the battle.
    - [Labyrinth Key] will be consumed for a battle. [Labyrinth Key x40] will be recharged on every 16th of the month.
    - You can also consume rubies to recharge 5 keys.
    :: Required rubies will increase upon every recharge
    (100 / 200 / 400 / 800 / 1200 / 1600 / 2000)
    :: Required rubies won’t increase after reaching 2000 rubies.
    It will be reset at midnight on every 16th of the month.

    - Royal Underground Labyrinth has diverse map effects.
    Effects will be applied randomly from the list.


    [Hero Balance Patch]

    ■ Rodina
    - Rodina’s battle speed will be much faster. She can dominate the enemies with a quicker aim.


    ■ Luna
    - Luna’s Unique Weapon has been revamped. She will be to attack the enemies much safer and much stronger.


    ■ Yanne
    - Yanne’s gears will be much more suitable for the dragon hunt


    ■ Aselica
    - Skill cooltime for ‘Judgment of the Sun’ has been adjusted. Also, her Unique Weapon has been revamped that she will be able to make enemies weak and make allies stronger


    ■ Shea
    - ATK Spd should be a buff option. Buff reduction by ATK Spd has been removed.


    [Content Revamp]

    ■ Hero’s Inn Revamp
    “Hero’s Inn has been revamped. More heroes will be visiting the Inn.”


    - Max 6 heroes will visit the Hero’s Inn, regardless of the number of heroes you own.
    - You still can start a relationship with a hero you don’t own by sending Kinship points as always.
    :: You can start a relationship only with 1 hero in the list. If you don’t start with any, the list will be reset at midnight
    - If you already have the hero, try to raise Affinity to acquire additional rewards.


    - Once you reach a certain amount of Affinity points, you will get ‘Relationship Line’.
    - Affinity rewards will be given at your first visit to the Inn after logging into the game, based on accumulated points.
    :: If your Affinity is already at MAX upon your first visit, accumulated points will be calculated on the next day.
    - Mini Game has been added to the Hero’s Inn. You can acquire various rewards with the Mini Game.


    - Mini Game will be reset at every midnight. The more heroes you have, the more tries you get.
    (Min: 1 time / Max: 7 times)
    - Max capacity of Friendship Points will increase along with the revamp.
    (Previous: 3000 / Revamped: 6000)

    ■ Index System Revamp

    - Item Index has been added. You will be able to check detailed information about Unique Weapons, Unique Treasures, Artifacts, and Normal Items.



    - Item Index Achievements are added.


    - You can check hero’s voices in Hero Index.


    [Special Event]

    ■ Children’s Rainbow
    - Various items are on sale in Orvel to celebrate Children’s Day.
    - Clear Upper Dungeon Stages to acquire Rainbow Coins during the event period.
    - Go to [Requnia] to purchase various items at the Central Orvel with the Rainbow Coins.
    - You can check more details about the event via the Event Notice.

    [Revamps & Other Adjustments]

    ■Special Shop Item Image Revamp

    ■ Craft – [Others]: Item order has been adjusted
    - Unique Weapon Ticket / Unique Treasure Ticket will be on the top of the list

    ■ New Guide
    - NPC Hero / Hero’s Inn information has been added to the Guide

    ■Idol Costume Illustration Revamp
    - Arch, Artemia, Clause, Kasel, Mediana, Mitra, Reina, Roy, Selene, Theo

    ■ Guild Skill Reset Limit Change
    - Guild skill reset limit will be revamped
    (Previous: Can be reset after 30 days / Changed: Can be changed after 7 days)

    [Bug Fixes]

    ■ Index Error Fix
    - Fixed a bug where you couldn’t achieve 100% Normal Monster Kill Rate.
    - Typos have been fixed in Hero’s Index
    - Height information has been fixed for several heroes
    :: Selene, Crow, Rephy

    ■ Skill Effect Bug Fix for Several Heroes
    - Fixed a bug where Maria’s Skill 3 effect position was displayed differently from the actual
    area of effect.
    :: Targets and skill effect won’t be changed.
    - Fixed a bug where Crow’s Skill 3 effect was not displayed properly.
    (Only for iOS – High Definition Mode)

    ■ A bug fix where looted item list was not displayed after clearing Upper Dungeon
    - Fixed a bug where you couldn’t see the amount of acquired gold after clearing
    Upper Dungeon
    :: Gold is acquired well. It was a display issue.

    ■ Skill & Gear Tooltip Error Fix
    - Earth Protection (Artifact) 4 Star tooltip error has been fixed (Portuguese only)
    - Annette’s Unique Weapon 4 Star tooltip error has been fixed: Duration time tooltip error
    (Spanish Only)
    - Artemia’s Unique Weapon 1 Start tooltip error has been fixed: Shield value error (Spanish Only)

    ■ Stamina Recharge Error Fix
    - Fixed a bug where Stamina Recharge Cost in pop up window was different from
    the Special Shop cost.
    :: Along with the fix, Stamina Potion x30 will be sent to all raiders during the maintenance.


    This is all for today’s Patch Note
    We hope you enjoy the updated content

    Thank you
    GM Orvel

  2. Geardagas

    Geardagas Active Member

    Likes Received:
    Oct 21, 2017
    Very weak buffs for aselica, was hoping for much much more, oh well.
    boltpride951 likes this.
  3. Nanyu

    Nanyu Active Member

    Likes Received:
    Feb 12, 2018
    In the other hand, the others seem quite interesting...

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