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Starlabs is recruiting

Discussion in 'Guild Outpost' started by Noble6, Dec 6, 2018.

  1. Noble6

    Noble6 New Member

    Likes Received:
    Dec 4, 2017
    Guild name: Starlabs
    Guild members: 41/50
    Server: America
    Guild lv:10

    Guild skill:
    Attack skill Lv 10 max!!!
    Defense skill Lv 10 max!!!
    Increase gold skill Lv 10 max!!!
    Increase exp skill Lv 10 max!!!!
    Guild raid attack skill Lv 10 max!!!
    Guild raid defense skill Lv 10 max!!!

    Training center Lv 3
    Guild shop Lv 6
    Raid outpost Lv 5
    Conquest Assembly Lv 5

    Guild conquest: We have potential to be top 50 or higher!

    Our requirements are as follows:
    - Team Level 50+
    - Must have at least 4 tier 5 heroes
    - In Platinum rank in arena
    - Weekly Stamina Use 3500+
    - DO NOT kill Manticore without checking in with our discord
    - Be friendly and courteous to other members

    Starlabs has maxed out all bonuses and can clear GR Hard Mode up to twice per week. Our goal is to eventually be able to open GRH twice a week, every week. We routinely help each other with Challenge Raids, Dragon Raids, macros, and team building. Although the guild is in the North American server, we have members in both the US and in Asia active throughout the day.

    If you feel like you fit to be in the guild. Then apply and I'll accept you. I will also send u a link to our discord !!!

    Thanks for checking us out and reading the rules! Let's help each other grow and have fun!


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