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The New Requina S2 UT gets decent number at higher *s

Discussion in 'Gear & Runes' started by EonKnight, Jul 13, 2018.

  1. EonKnight

    EonKnight Member

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    Apr 24, 2018
    So, IF my math is correct, (which it was done at 2:30 am and i wouldn't be surprised if it was wrong), at max possible 5* UT and 5* UW Requina would be dealing 600% of her attack on her now 30% reduced CD S2 with the full 80 stacks. And that's on top of the damage that the skill itself does.

    I think it goes 3% of attack per stack at 0* so that'd be 150% with no UW, and add another 15% per UW star since it adds 5 more stacks per star. At 5* UT it is 7.5% of attack. So that would be 375% at 5* UT but no UW, and add 37.5% per UW star level.

    And she can hit up too 2 targets if her S3 is active. And so far i've been able to pull off 2 S2's per S3 buff. I've got terrible gear so she doesn't always have the mana to attack right as the CD comes off, i often have to wait a second or two before she can use her next ability. So potentially i could hit up to 4 targets for 600% of my attack within about 7 seconds. At full stacks that's a bonus damage of 600% of attack for bare minimum, but 2,400% of my attack in total IF i had my UW and UT both 5*s. I suppose if you add in the Pocket Watch Artifact you could potentially cast her S2 3 times.

    If we're using my poorly geared Requina as the example she's got ALMOST 200k attack, but i'm gonna call it exactly 200k for easier math. So 3% of 200k is 600. Multiply that by 50 for a no UW character and you've got 30,000. Now mine has a 2* UW so it'd be X65 for a 39,000 bonus damage per attack. Now for the extremes. 0* UT no UW is of course the 30k, but a 0* UT and 5* UW would net you 48K per attack, and a 5* UT and no UW would be 750,000. And having both to 5* would be 15K multiplied by 80. (200,000 x .075 = 15,000. 15,000 x 80 = 1,200,000.) 1,200,000 BONUS damage per attack, that's not bad at all. And it can be applied to 2 targets at once with S3, so that's 2,400,000 bonus damage per buffed attack, or 4,800,000 bonus damage per round of S3. With the Poscket Watch Artifact you could potentially get in a 3rd attack before the buff runs out for a nice 6,200,000 per buff bonus attack.

    And all this is of course without the party buffs you'd get from even a 4 man party. Add in say, Priscilla's attack buff, and Gau's 40% bonus to attack, maybe Mediana's buff, plus all of THEIR transendance perks to buff those buffs. The possibilities are nuts.
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  2. Sapaki

    Sapaki New Member

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    Aug 28, 2018
    Interesting. I'm definitely gonna try to get her UT2 now with the current summer event. Got 1*UT1 and 2*UW , bought her by mistake and never regretted. She carried me so hard LOL. Nice theory! GJ!

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