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Wall in Chapter 6.

Discussion in 'Gear & Runes' started by MagentaLunae, Feb 8, 2018.

  1. MagentaLunae

    MagentaLunae Member

    Likes Received:
    Jan 22, 2018
    Hello everyone,

    As you might have seen. I'm quite active in asking questions. So here is another question for you, or well actually, more than one.
    I'm currently running a 4 Man squad consisting of :

    5* Kaulah (L61) - Wearing 4 1* Red Dragon Gear
    Stats are:
    940k HP
    38k atk
    6k Pdef & Mdef
    38.5% Crit , 25% Crit damage
    7.5% Lifesteal, 105% atk speed
    (I think the rest is negligable?)

    5* Lorraine (L61) - Wearing 4 1* Red Dragon Gear
    1.2 million hp
    32k Atk ( I thought this was higher o.o, could switch her weapon with Kaulah's to shift the atk)
    Pdef is 4k, Mdef is 8.4k
    47% Crit with 32% Crit damage
    15% Pen, 110% atk speed, with 8.5% Lifesteal

    5* Jane (L61) - Wearing 4 1* Red Dragon Gear
    1.35 mill HP
    24k atk
    16k Pdef, 11k Mdef
    33% crit with 40% Crit damage
    9% Penetration, 13% Lifesteal, 112% atk speed.

    4* Cleo (L60) - Wearing 3 1* Red dragon Gear ( I stopped investing in her)
    950k HP,
    26k atk
    3.5k pdef/ 6k mdef.
    31% crit with 20% Critdamage
    32% Pen with 123% atk speed and 9% Lifesteal
    -Replacing her with Epis after tommorow. Can insta get 4*/5* Epis.

    Currently Stuck at chapter 6 - normal, the 11th map (with one of the bigger bosses).
    He seems to start OHKING my units after I get him down to 40/50% health.
    Can solo Red Dragon L51.
    Can clear Black Dragon L51 almost solo.

    So for now, what should I focus on gear wise.
    -Should I star up my Red dragon gear or try to clear for L61 Red Dragon gear?
    -Whats the best way to star up your gear? (I actually need to read up on how to do this again).
    -Should I just work with T6 Epic gear from storymode for now?
    -Am I focussing the right stats on my units?
    -When am I able to clear T6 Black Dragon?
    -Got any other tips on gearing this team?
    -Are there crit caps/ atk speed caps etc? - If so, what are they?

    Thanks for answering!
  2. lifewater

    lifewater New Member

    Likes Received:
    Feb 9, 2018
    I'm a new player myself that just got over this hurdle, so I will just explain what I did. I ran the Ch5 stuff at the hard difficulty, collecting as much stuff as I could, and awakening red or purple gear as much as possible if the lines were correct for that hero. My primary focus was my main DPS, and my Tank. Specific milestones were getting DPS weapons 4* and getting armor 3* on my tank. My team was Jane Aisha Maria Frey. I built a tank Jane so basically HP/PDEF/MDEF (focusing on as much HP as possible). Sorry but I don't have specific stat thresholds. Basically upgrade some peices, try again until I could push through Ch6 Hard

    I cant help with stat specifics but I can tell you i built my attackers with ATK/ATK SPD/CRIT/ CRIT DMG on all peices I could. And Ive now moved jane to an attack build because her sustain is makes it worthwhile.

    This is how Ive been approaching the game:
    1. Finish CH 6 Hard (done)
    2. Push for 71 (done, currently 78)
    3. Solo RD61, collecting near-perfect gear.
    4. Push heroes to 80, and try to convince people to not kick me from BD70 <-- no luck here

    If Im doing it wrong, someone please put me in my place!

    I'm using this guide for the most optimal way to awaken gear:
  3. MagentaLunae

    MagentaLunae Member

    Likes Received:
    Jan 22, 2018
    I cleared the boss as soon as I had Epis instead of Cleo.
    Currently pushing for 71 as well on my units.
    Though instead of going for Solo RD61, I've been doing Group BD61 my Jane being near finished now.
    Haven had much luck in getting gear for the others.
  4. sex

    sex Guest

    you want to get your dps up to 71 at least, and forget farming dragons until you do 70+. its not worth the gold investment for 50 drags, and still inefficient for lv 60 as you will be replacing them fairly quickly.

    in normal stages, you dont need any starred gear, just levels. this changes when you start doing hard stages but by then you can farm some of the hard stages to use the gear. starring the farmed t6 reds (definitely take note of the bonus effect) and starring those will help you more than low tier dragon gear.

    this is the most grindy part of the game, and they just recently made it easier, you'll get over the wall in no time.

    theres a guide somewhere on the forums on the efficient starring of equips but basically its almost always worth to just 25% everything over 3*

    as for your stats, you dont need so much penetration, chapter 6 is already low in mdef. penetration mostly comes into play after ch 7.

    theres no crit cap, and the attack speed soft cap is 140% iirc
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